03.21.2012 08:57 AM

The view on Crestview

…who, funnily enough, are in the news again.  How interesting:

The political worlds of Parliament Hill and Queen’s Park are abuzz — and a-Twitter — with what some long-time Conservatives consider a shocking betrayal of Conservative ideals in general and of provincial PC leader Tim Hudak specifically.

Crestview, the lobbying firm founded by Hudak’s campaign manager, Mark Spiro, has been hired by large labour organizations to lobby the federal Conservative government about legislation that would hobble their ability to fund political campaigns such as Working Families, that devastated Hudak’s political ambitions in the last election.

Quite a change from this, just a few months ago:

Tory campaign manager Mark Spiro told the Niagara paper that Working Families is “an external, we believe illegal, Liberal front group.”

“It has one purpose only, and that is to stop Tim Hudak from being premier of Ontario,” said Spiro.

Apropos of nothing, I am suddenly reminded of this.

You’re welcome.


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    Harith says:

    Isn’t the guy who helped Rob Ford with his gravy train campaign now working for “the left” too?

    Mercenaries will work for anyone with money, after all.

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    kenn2 says:

    wow. I wouldn’t trust a ‘company’ known to be right-wing partisan to immediately work on a left-wing campaign, that’s directly against their previous (and future) right-wing clients. All I can think of to explain this is that maybe Crestview hates Campaign Research, and now that the latter is effectively in control of the Ont PCs, Crestview is pissed, and taking an opposing position. Or something much more Machiavellian is taking place, that ultimately won’t play well for the labour groups. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

    also it reminds me of the old saw: The town was so small it couldn’t support a lawyer. TWO lawyers, however, could each make a killing. (sorry WK)

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