03.11.2012 11:13 PM

When the personal is public, but shouldn’t be

This has happened to me, and others I know. These things are nobody else’s business, as not a few federal Liberals are about to learn the hard way.

I’ve suggested to a former Ontario Attorney-General, to his face, that we need to seal these files, like Quebec and other civilized jurisdictions do. He did nothing about it. Zero.

Oh, and I’m disappointed what Waddell had to say. I didn’t think he was a bloody fool, but apparently he is.


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    kre8tv says:

    To those who feel that a public figure’s martial issues are in any way an indicator of competence or “character,” as the dim-witted professor pontificates, I point out the following: Richard Nixon never cheated on his wife.

    I don’t know about you, but I form my opinions about public figures based on things they do in the public domain on the public dime (and for the likes of Toews, that’s plenty). Personal lives should be kept out of it.

    That said, the Cons are showing great skill at pulling defeat from the jaws of victory in their insistence on dragging this out at Ethics Committee. No one outside of Ottawa cares. And those on the inside will use this as grounds for more petty tit-for-tat nonsense.

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    pomojen says:

    Regardless of who started what, what the public “deserves” to know, what Vic actually deserves or doesn’t deserve is all skirting the most important issue.

    If you have children you care about in your life, look at them and imagine all this happening to them. Look in their eyes. Look at someone you love and see if you are OK with this happening to them.

    That is all it takes, unless you lack the basics of a conscience.

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    JamesHalifax says:

    I agree, Warren……

    Divorce is painful enough without political opportunists, or journalists getting their noses into someone else’s business.

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    Chris says:

    Ah right but ones religion is up for use in attacking them?

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