04.10.2012 03:19 PM

CBC Dispatches

Very, very sad to see it go.  I liked that program, a lot.


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    que sera sera says:

    It’s tragically pathetic that the Harper kakistocracy blithely destroys that which it cannot comprehend.

    The arrogance & hubris of this illegitimate government is breathtaking.

    I suspect their fall will be spectacular and will resonate for more than a few decades.

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    Cameron Prymak says:

    Yes, it’s a shame that Dispatches was axed – it’s a short sighted decision in my opinion.

    Rick MacInnes-Rae with Dispatches and Paul Kennedy with Ideas are two signature programs that really distinguish CBC. Their programs are exceptional and so different from the gab-fests that occupy the other frequencies.

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    Mark says:

    I agree that Dispatches was a terrific show. For my money they could have axed Definitely Not the Opera or George Stroumboulopoulos’ show before deep-sixing this one. But then, what do I know – I still pine for the old Radio 2.

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