04.10.2012 12:00 AM

In today’s Sun: fraud isn’t a “value”

For North American conservatives, there are two victories prized most: George W. Bush’s win over Al Gore in 2000, and Stephen Harper’s trouncing of Michael Ignatieff in 2011.

In the fights between conservatives and liberals, those are the two that the Right cherish. Against all odds, conservatives humiliated liberals (in the latter), or seized ultimate power from them (in the former). For conservatives, 2000 and 2011 were historic.
The Bush and Harper election conquests are alike in another way, of course: Both remain tainted by allegations of election fraud.

In 2000, Bush “won” the presidential race with 271 electoral college votes to vice-president Al Gore’s 266. But Bush didn’t really win at all. In raw vote, Gore, with just under 51 million votes, received half a million more votes than Bush. Bush ended up “winning” because seven conservative jurists on the U.S. Supreme Court halted a crucial recount of ballots cast in Florida, thereby ensuring that all of the state’s 25 electoral college votes would be awarded to Bush, not Gore.

More Americans wanted Gore as their president, but that didn’t matter to the seven judges, who stopped the recount that non-partisan experts say would have won Gore the presidency.


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    Patrick Deberg says:

    Perhaps they wish to create a master race?

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    Steve says:

    Who really cares? 2012 isn’t 2000 or even 2011. Look around you and follow the trends. Between Arab Spring, Wikileaks and the Occupy movement, the writing is on the wall for leaders of Western democracies. Either listen VERY CLOSELY to your electorate or chances are you’ll be overthrown like Mubarak or Tunisia. Don’t think it can happen here? Study your history. Didn’t America already have a Revolution? The people are getting restless and their eyes are opening up. The corruption and discrepancies are now off the charts.

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    pat(male) says:

    to u liberals what about chretiens g.s.t lie or did we misunderstand , the bullying the protester in quebec firing the bank manager because he would not give his crooked friend a bank loan question did chretien promise 2 scrap the g.s.t without any intention of doing so telling his party that we are now elected and there is nothing that they can do about it, this man was the downfall of the liberal party my choice wehen voting is noone . yharper had done nothing but stack the senate and done nothing about mps pensions he also is a walking contradiction tyhank you

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