04.27.2012 08:12 AM

It’s never the crime, it’s always the cover-up, part ad infinitum

Next time the National Post lectures the rest of us about openness and transparency, blah blah blah, be sure to have this one handy:

“In the meantime, there was as far as I could see no communication from the National Post or its owner Postmedia explaining what had happened with the first column. The closest that Coyne came was a tweet Monday night saying, “Um, I think this counts as ‘something astonishing.’ ”

Online readers also were not directed to the new column once it was online. People clicking on links to Coyne’s first column, and those who found it via search, ended up on an error page. (If you’re interested in more about the ethics and practices of unpublishing content, Poynter has information here and here.)

On Twitter I suggested to Coyne that the newspaper publish an editor’s note or apology. Coyne and a top editor at one of his employer’s Web properties disagreed, as did a former colleague of Coyne’s.”

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    Philip Schneider says:

    What precisely does Coyne have to apologize about? He made a political prediction. He was wrong. So what. People are wrong about political predictions all the time.

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