04.23.2012 06:52 AM

Ontario election?

The Ontario PCs are voting for one. The Ontario NDs keep issuing ransom note demands, and holding rallies to call for one.

Ontario doesn’t want or need an election. But if there is one, we’ll win it.


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    Conservative Socialist says:

    The article had this interesting bit:

    “The money will come from the education budget and from a scheme to lower the price the province pays for its 10 most popular generic drugs, which could save $55 million a year.

    Jim Keon, president of the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association, fumed that the industry was not consulted on the “reckless” price change.”

    Canada might have lower prescription drug costs than the US, but they’re still pretty high.

    I’m all for recouping the cost of R&D for expensive drugs and providing reasonable patent protections as an incentive, but at some point one wonders how much more Big Pharma (and Generic manufacturers are part of it) can charge above the industrial costs of producing prescription drugs that were invented almost 50 years ago.

    There is collusion to create derivatives of already existing drugs so they can keep milking money from patients who provide a steady stream of revenue.

    Here’s a stock tip: invest in pharmaceutical companies because with our aging population and scarce health care resources getting more and more demand, these are guaranteed to provide dividends in the double digits in the coming years.

    A health tip: I’ve cured many of my health problems that have occurred as I approach middle age by making modest changes in my diet and by eliminating certain foods. I’ve reversed my creeping weight gain problem, the arthritis in my knees and my cardiovascular endurance is much improved when I go jogging. I’d let you know all about this health miracle, but I’d be called a quack and Warren would say that I’m being libelous to a certain segment of the food industry if I were to get into rant mode against them. Let me just say that the food pyramid that is being taught in schools is a SCAM.

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      frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

      Does your diet involve avoiding wheat and most whole grains?…….the book “Wheat Belly” was a revelation to me……

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        Conservative Socialist says:

        Yes I am aware of “Wheat Belly” and it makes a strong case that modern wheat should be banned. I’m not sure if that would be sustainable for society at large, considering that pre-green revolution wheat would more or less triple the price of bread.

        I had tried a low-carb Atkins diet before, but while it does work, it’s not really a viable diet to follow. I still eat potatoes, rice, fruits and vegetables. Even though I still eat carbohydrates, I’ve dropped 20 pounds in the past 3 months.

        I know that rice is verbotten amongst the paleo/low carb crowd, but it’s actually the least deleterious grain for our health. A study was commissioned in China to observe heart disease amongst their people and they found that those who primarily ate wheat had a strong correlation with heart disease while those who lived in rice-eating areas did not. And by the way, high-fat meat-eating areas did not show any correlation as well.

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    frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Those “ransom notes” of the NDP dont sound too onerous to me, unless of course you are someone making over 500K a year…….Paris is well worth a mass, Id say…….

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    Cameron Prymak says:

    Every government needs a strong opposition and the public would welcome the debate but the PCs are relegating themselves to irrelevancy by obstructionist tactics.

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    Dan says:

    When the NDP is proposing something that (a) prevents more budget cuts, and (b) is supported by 70+% of people in Ontario… that’s not a ransom note.

    The real ransom note is the Liberals who say “accept these cuts, or we will force a costly election”.

    Can’t believe McGuinty is so afraid of being called a tax guy that he won’t do something so completely common sense and non-ideological, that’s supported all around the world.

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