04.12.2012 07:01 AM

The Ontario PCs and NDs want an election

One said they’d vote against the budget before they read it; the other says they’ll vote against it if all the demands in their ransom note aren’t met.

We don’t want an election. But we’ll be ready when and if there is one.


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    Tiger says:

    Bring it on!

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    Nick H says:

    This post is factually wrong. Horwath has explicitly said she won’t “draw a line in the sand.” Feel free to demonize her in other ways if you like – her idea to take the HST off home heating and gas is idiotic – but please don’t insult your readers by openly deceiving them. The NDP has been very clear that their demands are not unconditional.

    Its really hard not to think that this is really about the internal politics of the Liberal party. Clearly some liberals want another shot at a majority, while others fear a Hudak victory. I think you, Warren Kinsella, WANT the NDP to draw a line in the sand on taxes because you’re convinced you will win a straight majority in the event of another election. Since other Liberals are less confident, it is convenient for you to use any publishing platforms you have to pump up the idea that the NDP will never meet you guys halfway.

    I don’t have a horse in this race so your partisanship here doesn’t offend me. On the other hand I’ve started visiting this place because of the insightful comments on Canadian politics and when I read messages that are so clearly intended as propaganda, in which you manipulate your readers rather than informing them, I get a really bad taste in my mouth. You’re clearly a very intelligent man so I have a lot of trouble believing that you actually believe the things you’re writing here.

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    tfalcone86 says:

    Voters have continually rewarded the McGuinty Liberals in three consecutive elections with the privilege to govern. I don’t think that will change if Ontario is forced to choose again. The Opposition haven’t given voters any reason to think otherwise. Like Warren, I think that if the NDP and PCs force an election, they will regret it come E-Day+1.

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