04.21.2012 07:32 AM

Up at the lake

It’s cold and rainy, but I’m here with Son One, Two and Three, plus two big labs. It’s perfect.

One downer: gas cap was off the boat when we got to it. Could someone have actually siphoned out gas? Sad, if that’s what happened.

Anyway. Board and card games await! Have a good one.


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    dave says:

    Not giving us a hook to hang our railing for or against the Wildrose Bunch so that you can have quality time with yr kids?
    Alright – as happens more and more often in modern capitalism, I will fill in the surplus value and say something.

    Danielle was pres of the Alberta branch of Canadian Fed of Independent Business. That group, along with local and provincial chambers, has lobbied, with some success, to shift the burden of property tax in municipalities away from business and on to residents. They hope to accelerate the shifting. I suspect that Wildrose in government will do what it can to enable this acceleration.

    Along with this, we see privatization of all kinds of our common wealth proceeding nicely. Here in BC our BC Hydro, our BC Rail, our health system, our ferry system, our land transportation, our education system, all have been pushed toward private, often foreign ownership. Alberta has quite a bit of privatization already. Currently our BC Gvt has picked a fight with public school teachers, and that has all kinds of parents looking at private schools (which are gvt subsidized in BC) as a way for their kids to be educated. Alberta already has quite a bit of the common wealth shifted to private hands, and I wager that the Wildrose in power will use that power to move more of Alberta into private, again, mostly foreign, hands.

    This talk of social issues is important. But it seems to me it is helping Wildrose to hide its economic agenda. Wildrose’s economic agenda is important, probably its main ‘raison d’etre,’ because wildrose is, to me, a creation of major oil industry interests.

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      kenn2 says:

      But it seems to me [this talk of social issues] is helping Wildrose to hide its economic agenda.[aka… privatization, relaxation of regulations]

      Well, yeah. It’s the new conservative. Ideological trinkets for the simple, no friction for the savvy.

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    Chris P says:

    Likely that’s what happened 🙁 – But be thankful the boat is still there! I know people that have had boats stolen from boat houses, garages etc. while they were away. Enjoy even if it’s cold outside.

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    Not that Gord says:

    I grew up on a farm in NE Saskatchewan and we regularly loaded producer cars –they’re cars you ship yourself, thus bypassing the elevator system and keeping a few bucks in your own pocket. One of the neighbours was too, and he left his auger there overnight, only to arrive back the next day to find out someone had ripped the gas line off to drain out about a gallon of fuel. His comment says it all: “I hope I’m never that f&*king poor that I have to do that for a gallon of gas.”

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    Neil says:

    Hope there is no water in the tank, that could cause you carb problems…is it an outbord or an IO?

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    Neil says:

    Warren I have a feeling you would have a personal viewpoint on this Smith and Big Tobacco


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    Francesca says:

    I used to hate Alison Redford with a passion, but she has a much more impressive resume than Danielle Smith. I have a lot more confidence in her than any of the other party leaders. My brother & his wife both have better resumes than Danielle Smith. A lot of people do. It ain’t hard. I hope to God the PCs can kick the Wildrose to the curb on Monday. They are a racist, homophobic menace to our society.

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    James Bowie says:


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    Bill says:

    Water would also be my concern. Water will go to the bottom of the tank. After running the motor and zipping around for a few minutes you should know if your going to have a problem (stay close to the cottage). You might want to add some gas line antifreeze just for good measure,the product will absorb water and get rid of it. Only put the recommended amount in and do it for the next 3 or 4 tank fills.

    – If it’s a 2 stroke you should use a isopropyl alcohol based product.
    – If it’s a 4 Stroke you can use the more common Methanol alcohol based product.
    (however i would stick with the isopropyl product)

    You might want to call a Marina and see what they recommend for your engine/fuel system type. Even if you suspect no water, I believe running this stuff for one tank a year is good preventive maintenance.

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      kenn2 says:

      If you suspect water, drain the gas into a clear or transparent container – if there’s water it will settle out.

      Kenn’s handy outboard tip – If you’re in Ontario (and maybe elsewhere), Shell’s top line gas (V-Power) has NO ethanol, according to the pumps. Therefore it won’t degrade as fast, and there’s nothing to attract moisture. I’ve been using it exclusively (with a shot of stabilizer in every tankful) for a couple of years now. and my outboard has been smooth and reliable. i took the bowl off the carb and it was clean, with just a light film of 2-stroke oil.

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