05.30.2012 08:06 AM

Flaherty and Ornge: the Conservative links grow

Quote unquote:

Questions are swirling as to why ORNGE officials sought to place a helicopter base at the Oshawa airport and if Finance Minister Jim Flaherty made an attempt to influence the decision.

…In June 2011, ORNGE was simply the air ambulance service for Ontario and not an issue of controversy, said Chisholm Pothier, Flaherty’s director of communications.

“Minister Flaherty — and other community leaders — were encouraging ORNGE to locate a hangar at the Oshawa airport, which is in the minister’s riding,” he said in an email to the Star…

Progressive Conservative MPP Christine Elliott (Whitby-Oshawa), who is married to Flaherty, said she [asked an Ornge employee] what the status was of the helicopter base and she did nothing wrong. “It was a conversation we had at a social event. I was just inquiring on the status,” she said.

Elliott also sent a letter to Health Minister Deb Matthews on May 16, 2011, to “encourage” the ministry to bring a “crucial” emergency service to Durham Region.

What’s it mean? It means, once again, that Cons were in this thing up to their necks.  They cooked up the idea of Ornge, they managed it, and they profited from it.  Ontario Liberals, meanwhile, were the one who called in the cops, called in the forensic auditors, and then flushed the Conservative-friendly executives who ran the whole stinking mess.

At this point, I sort of hope the Cons get their wish, and get the Legislative Ornge committee to continue hearing witnesses.  Every week brings new information that ties Ornge directly back to them, or the odd Tory witness that provides comedic relief.

Oh, and there’s much more to come about Con-Ornge links (and the NDP, too).  Guaranteed.

Full disclosure section: And, yes, that is my friend named in the story.  Given the fact that I’m now regularly reprising my Gomery Pyle-era role, do you think that should give the Cons pause?  That, you know, we’re not acting like people who are nervous?

Don’t worry, they’re too stupid to stop doing what they’re doing.  They’ll keep at it.



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    Mulletaur says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Mazza questioned in front of the Legislature committee.

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    Lawrence Stuart says:

    That Trevor Harness vid is one for the ages. Holy Shit!

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    Irene Adler says:


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