05.22.2012 10:07 PM

For those who are after the Hot Nasties pressing

Hey, Simon from Ugly Pop here. It was an honour to release this– one of my very favourite Canadian records ever! Glad you were happy with it, Warren. We made a new master from OG wax and the sleeve/insert were recreated by the entirely excellent Darrin Crosgrove. Locals, you can pick it up at Hits & Misses (799 Queen St West), Volume (588 Markham, just south of Bloor) or Rotate This (next to Hits & Misses). Elsewhere, mailorder is through our website (uglypop.bigcartel.com). If you like this, please check out our other Canadian reissues too.

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    JamesHalifax says:

    Warren, is this only going to be available in Toronto?

    What about an online version?

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