05.16.2012 06:56 AM

Great journalism

…and out of it emerges a portrait of a greatly self-indulgent, spoiled, dislikable little twerp.


  1. Eric Weiss says:

    Agreed. Hopefully the judge takes into consideration the fact that Sonne still feels he did nothing wrong when it comes time to pass sentence.

  2. Eric Weiss says:

    Opps, origina meant to say,

    “Agreed. Hopefully the judge takes into consideration the fact that Sonne still feels he did nothing wrong when it comes time to pass sentence next time.”

    • Glen says:

      What did he do wrong?

      I mean legally wrong, not stupidly wrong.

      • Tiger says:

        Well, according to the judge, he did nothing legally wrong.

        What could have been considered wrong was, he behaved in a way such that a reasonable person would expect that — and he INTENDED that — there would be a great waste of law enforcement and security resources.

        I do think that his detention and indictment was the security apparatus (police, Crown) being vindictive — after the first interview or two, it must’ve been clear that he was just a troll and an idiot.

        Seems to me that things worked out okay in terms of cosmic justice. He did nothing legally wrong, and wasn’t convicted. He intentionally wasted law enforcement’s time and resources, and so they in turn intentionally wasted his time and resources.

        Doesn’t mean they behaved well. On the contrary, I think they pitched a tantrum, and probably should be slapped down for it. But it’s not terribly surprising, either.

        • matt says:

          Maybe there was a tantrum with the prosecutorial decision to press charges. As to the investigation and the police recommendation to lay charges, consider this: do you want a guy who seems unhinged, warehouses literature like Mein Kampf and “How to Blow Things Up”, has collected explosives (by his own web-admission), and skulks around secure sites documenting breaches NOT to receive police attention? Imagine the headlines from not looking hard at whether the dude is a threat. The interesting thing here is why two bail applications were denied by judges. I doubt that was a tantrum, and wonder what the reasons were.

  3. smelter rat says:

    Even self absorbed twerps deserve protection under the law. He’s spent 2 years in jail even though he committed no crime.

  4. Dave Wells says:

    Your authoritarian streak is showing. Strange, coming from a punk rocker. You were the oldest born in your family no?

  5. DanO says:

    Couldn’t agree more.
    Crown gathered the evidence as best they could. His own stupidity presented a compelling case to go forward to the courts. He was rightfully acquitted but I don’t feel any sympathy for him trying to waste public resources for his own social experiment.

  6. Mooj says:

    Being a greatly self-indulgent, spoiled, dislikable little twerp is still a stupid reason for wasting two years of government money to arrest, prosecute and jail this main.

  7. Clive says:

    If we’re going to start arresting every self-indulgent, spoiled, dislikable little twerp, we’d have (a) no politicians, (b) no journalists, (c) no pundits and (d) many fewer police officers. I agree in this individual case though.

    • Warren says:

      Nobody’s saying he deserved to be thrown in jail for being a spoiled, self-indulgent little creep who went looking for trouble. What a lot of us are saying is that a spilled, self-indulgent little creep who went looking for trouble shouldn’t be surprised when he finds it.

  8. Tiger says:

    He’s an idiot who still shouldn’t have been jailed for a year.

    But his (ex-)wife behaved sensibly, it seems.

  9. VC says:

    If only money could buy brains and common sense.

  10. CraigD says:

    Hopefully he’ll learn use this very tough lesson to grow up. So far no sign of that. He needs to realize that if he’s a kept man, his wife and her family don’t actually need him around so he should not be surprised when he causes trouble for everybody that they cut him loose. Why wouldn’t they? Same with the legal system and police — if you poke and prod and dare and try to act scary don’t be shocked if you get bitten. Yes it is wrong he had to spend a year in jail but he should also have known how slow our system works before daring it to arrest him. Agree totally he comes across as a twerp. I know what the Don would suggest as next steps: YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN!

    • Eric Weiss says:

      He’s 39 who lives off of other people and won’t take responsibility for his actions. If he hasn’t learned that lesson yet, I doubt he ever will.

  11. GFMD says:

    Liable or not, any investigation should probably have been discontinued long before the arrest. If it had ever even come to contact with the guy, it should have been very short, and ended with a “very sorry to trouble you sir, please go about your business.”

  12. JamesHalifax says:

    Based on the dude’s wealth at the time…..he was one of the 1% people were protesting.

    However, he didn’t actually EARN any of it….so I guess that he didn’t really fit in with that crowd.

    As for Warren’s PUNK ROCKER days………punk rockers spent most of their time SCREAMING about the man and authority…they didn’t try to devise ways to actually hurt anyone. We just wanted to be left alone.

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