05.29.2012 12:01 PM

Laura Jane Grace makes her debut

So much for my concern that she needed to focus on herself, and not the band.  She obviously disagrees.

Guts like this you rarely see.  Amazing.


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    JamesHalifax says:

    Warren….on a different note.

    The next time you are at SUN TV headquarters, please have someone talk to the “Menzoid” and tell him he needs to find another line of work soon if he can’t manage to speak normally to the camera. The guy seems ready to piss himself with nerves every time he’s on air. It’s almost painful to watch.

    Oh…and tell Ezra to take his medication. It’s not so much WHAT he says, it’s how he says it. (dressing in drag…cutting up a shrub….embarrassing)

    Sorry for the off topic.

    PS….what’s this about a human foot at Conservative Headquarters? I suspect an overzealous NDP will show up shortly with a decided limp.

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      deb says:


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