05.15.2012 03:43 PM

Ornge and Cons: latest update

Can’t wait to hear tomorrow from the anti-gay Ontario PC campaign manager with, er, a pharmaceutical interest!

Also coming up in coming days: this session by Messrs. Giorno and Martin, both at Fasken’s, both advisors to Ornge and both card-carrying Conservatives!

Wow! There sure were a lot of card-carrying Conservatives making big bucks at Ornge, weren’t there?

Oh, yes, there were.  Stay tuned!


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    Michael S says:

    Uh, he did. And he won.

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    Woody says:

    So nice to read the other posts with lots of comments full of analysis and not have to wince through Captain Tulk’s trolling missives. In other news, Tea Party Tim spotted with his daughter glad-handing at the St Jacob’s Market Saturday. Couldn’t tell if he was explaining the benefits of his leadership style to the good people of Waterloo Region or trying to find a candidate willing to run. Or maybe he just wanted an Oktoberfest sausage. Also, Ms. Horwath’s flyer is showing up in mailboxes. It’s going to be interesting and insane.

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      Lord Kitchener says:

      in addition to the sausage, get the apple fritters too. Bonus points if you can find an old country hotel to have a cold draft and a pig tail — important; dont forget the summer sausage to bring home.

      as for Timmy H – he probably just had a soft serve cause he´s so limp.

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    Guy Giorno says:

    Thanks for the reference to my speech, “Ethical Issues at the Intersection of Private Sector and Government.” It will be delivered May 23 to an Osgoode Hall Law School, Osgoode Professional Development conference. Lawyers will be pleased to note that the speech content has been accredited by the Law Society for 1 hour of Professionalism CPD. (The rest of the conference can count for up to 6 hours of Substantive CPD.)

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    Dude Love says:

    Ornge was set up by the Liberal government and used Alfred Apps to lobby the Ontario Liberal government. Yes, so I see how it is totally a PC created problem.

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      Warren says:

      False. Cons conceived, managed and profited from it. Ontario Liberals called in the cops and cleaned out the bad guys.

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    Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    Many THANKS To YOU Warren Kinsella for once again speaking Your Unvarnished TRUTH To POWER.

    DUDED LOVE DEMONSTRATES Proof Perfect How it is so easy for someone (possessing ZERO integrity) to Sling Total Shit … that of course has been designed to Deliberately MISLEAD !!

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