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Ornge and the Cons, a continuing series

You don’t see this gem too often in any of Frank Klees’ pious pressers: Ornge effectively started in at least 2000 (or sooner).

You know, when the Cons were the government.

[Ornge CEO and founder Chris] Mazza said the use of air ambulances really took off in 2000 after the provincial Ministry of Health became convinced air ambulances were effective.

We convinced the ministry it was in the patients’ best interest around the province,” he said.

The St. Catharines Standard, January 20, 2003


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    Paul says:

    The Liberals have been in power for close to ten years now, so the whole “blame Harris/Eves” schtick is getting a little stale.

    Honestly, such a tactic reeks of desperation and reminds me of the old “it’s Bush’s fault” excuse that the American left still keeps pulling out, four years after his departure from the White House.

    The bottom line here is that it really doesn’t matter who *started* ORNGE, but rather who has been responsible for its oversight (or lack thereof) for the past decade?

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      Jonathan Giggs says:

      I agree. I was hoping to learn more about the government lawyer who warned quite strongly against Dr. Mazza’s plan in 2004. What happened – bureaucratic incompetence or political interference?

      I don’t think anyone disagrees with the need for air ambulances in a province as vast as Ontario.

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    dstm says:

    If I am reading correctly the minutes of the last Public Accounts hearing, it would appear that Tony Cement (aka Gazebo Tony) should be the next subject of a Speaker’s Warrant. Seems via the questioning that Tony started (instigated) the Ornge corporate structure that is currently under scrutiny after the AG’s report The estimable Mr Klees is intent on splashing pre 2004 documents before the press. Seems he may be well on his way to implicating his former colleagues as well as bureaucrats whose primary goal was CYA and / or protect their own turf. Either way Cement should testify.

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    dstm says:

    Oh crap!
    Reading back further in the PA’s minutes it seems that Me Cement’s wife/partner was the lead lawyer for the law firm that designed Ornge’s corporate structure. Two thoughts; 1) Does Mr Kees know of this complication? and 2) how did the presumably whip-smart Mrs Cement ever manage to get involved with Mr Cement?

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