05.07.2012 02:57 PM

Perhaps they had to shut it down because they don’t know what “fulsome” means

One dictionary: Complimentary or flattering to an excessive degree: “they are almost embarrassingly fulsome in their appreciation.” It also means “copious.” 

That’s probably not what she meant in her memo.  But when the boss to the writers doesn’t know what a word means, it perhaps indicates the wrong people are getting the hook.

Quote unquote:

In a memo to Postmedia Network, Phyllise Gelfand explained that news organization will instead rely on the Canadian Press (CP) for international and breaking news content. “Owning an in-house, full-service newswire business and managing the production and distribution of commodity news no longer supports our strategy,” she explained. “We will continue to operate an Ottawa Bureau with national beat writers providing content to our publications. Our Ottawa Bureau will no longer be focused on the commodity pieces (committee meetings, day to day happenings) but allow for more fulsome reporting and commentary on national politics.”


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    In the system says:

    A useful example of the proper meaning of “fulsome”


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    Attack! says:

    Yeah, ever since the dry-witted Mulroney / Schreiber Inquiry lawyer Richard Wolson accused the former of “being less than fulsome with the truth” lots of pretentious politicians & media types have been misusing that word.


    Too bad Postmedia appears to be going the way of Sun News – stripping back to nearly all columnists & pundits & very few actual news gatherers.

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    Gpeter says:

    I dunno WK. I think this is a stretch. They’re saying they’re dropping their wire so they can direct more resources to deepening the stories they’re telling; instead of briefing touching on many, they’ll focus on a few.

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    walt says:

    In the immortal words of Indigo Montoya – “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. “

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    Kre8tv says:

    Goofy memo, but the reasons behind the move are sound.

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