06.18.2012 09:57 AM

Greetings from Winlaw, B.C.

Can anyone please tell me what the H, E, double hockey sticks is going on at Queen’s Park? Are Hudak and Horwath going to get their wish for an election, a few months after the last one?


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    JamesHalifax says:

    Great…here we go again.

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    Gary says:


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    Linda white says:

    Forum has Horwath ahead in the polls for likeability and it has gone to her BIG HEAD. It is unbelievable that online polls of a smidgeon of the Ontario electorate is taken as sacrosanct by media outlets like CP24….LeDrew should know better. I think Dalton has been the best premier in Ontario for many years. He has helped us older folks get a decent doctor and has helped us with many tax credits etc. It is hard not to remember her lies in the last election about the hospital in Hamilton where her son was treated and she claimed otherwise.

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    kre8tv says:

    Given the polling numbers are anything but satisfying for any of the parties right now, Horwath seems to be eager to play a game of three-way chicken with the Premier and Hudak, betting that it’s going to be the other guy who will swerve. Voters are fed up with this. Even as much as there are aspects of the budget that are unwise and unpopular, it’s at least a decision in the right to do something…whereas this bit of showboating on display by the NDP hardly endears people to the idea that they are competent to form government—let alone Official Opposition.

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    Gpeter says:

    because they voted against parts of the budget in committee and didn’t bring the government down on the official budget bill, I think all three parties will try and take ownership of the “not us” messaging; and I think it makes the whole thing a wash.

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    Tiger says:

    I think, judging from polls and actions, the NDP has decided that you guys (Liberals) can be forced to settle for less than half a loaf. More like a third-loaf, or even a quarter-loaf.

    Will you? Well, PM Harper thought the NDP could be persuaded to settle for something like that in March 2011, and was wrong. Result: election.

    So we’ll see. Maybe an election, maybe a climb-down.

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    Clive says:

    Somehow or other I can’t shake the image I have of our Premier Dad as the ineffectual parent wheedling his toddler not to touch the candy in the grocery store and Andrea doing that smirking, one finger just barely touching the chocolate bar thing that toddlers do in that situation. Hudak is the bored checkout girl.

    Regardless, the ball is back in Duncan and McGuinty’s court as of a few minutes ago, since Schedule 22 was just voted down in committee.

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    Bill From Willowdale says:

    Doesn’t sound like an election now unless McGuinty wants one but Horwath really over played her hand.

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