06.28.2012 08:37 AM

I am the God of Lies and Mischief

…or so says my Sun Media colleague Lorrie Goldstein:

“Obviously my QMI colleague Warren Kinsella, the Prince Loki of Liberalism, intuitively understands this, which is why he’s been pushing a Trudeau candidacy.

Based on the Abacus poll of 1,008 adults from June 20-23, it’s not hard to see why.”

Nice. Thanks, Lorrie. You and Bono are the Jabba the Hut and Snidely Whiplash of Conservatism, respectively, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Goldstein – who, like all Rightist Sun pundits, is completely obsessed with my good looks, superior intellect and much larger paycheque, and can’t stop writing about me – got it right on my abs, however. This is what they look like, girls. Washboard city. Swear.


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    Lance says:

    Hrmph……….chiseled physique, flowing hair, holding what looks like Mjolnir……..I dunno, looks more like Thor, his brother. Loki is supposed to be the god of mischief. Are you sure you have the right brother? 😉

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    Attack! says:

    So is Goldilocks implying you’ll be able to survive a head-on pummeling by ‘Hulk’ Mulcair himself, then?

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