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Random Egypt-related questions

1. I’ve known some guys who were affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, here in Canada. Most moderate people I’ve ever met. I suppose that puts me on the side of the terrorists, now?

2. I wonder if Egypt would have narrowly elected this (allegedly) hardline guy, if Israel hadn’t previously elected an (allegedly) hardline guy, too?

3. I still find the naming of boys after the prophet Mohamed noteworthy. Why don’t non-Hispanic Christians name their sons “Jesus” more? And why do Hispanics do so?

Questions, questions. Answers, anyone? Anyone?



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    !o! says:

    1. you are according to the fundamentalist christian networks in NA: http://blogs.cbn.com/jerusalemdateline/archive/2012/06/24/the-muslim-brotherhood-victory-a-seismic-shift-in-the-middle.aspx It’s a kind of interesting study how the discourse of these networks gets co-opted for geopolitical aims.

    2. He’s not hardline, and, much more critically, he’s not perceived in Egypt as hardline– they were elected because of the runoff type ballot type system in Egypt, and the alternative was a return to old-style politics. Kinda like how support here is coalescing around the NDP because there is no currently perceived strong alternative to the corruption but people want change.

    3. I always thought it had to do with the reformation, and the counter-reformation in spain, and the accompanying cultural consequences. But I have nothing to base that on aside from intuition.

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    steve w says:

    I dunno, with a credo that reads: “God is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations.” I’ll have to offer up a firm ‘wait and see’ attitude as to whether I think the election of this lot is a good thing or not.

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      !o! says:

      Fair enough– I’m not sure how I feel about it either, and I think even most Egyptians would prefer a different party, but there isn’t a proportional representation type system there. My understanding is that they officially have repeatedly denounced violence since the 70s, and, significantly, support right to assembly/freedom of the press etc. Questions linger, but they’re definitely not perceived by Egyptians as extreme, and Egypt has some pretty strong progressive currents in society. None of this may matter much though, because of how the military has basically seized legislative power.

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      smelter rat says:

      Indeed. They are as scary as Christians.

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        JamesHalifax says:

        yes..those damn Christians are a concern.

        I hate it when they move in next door. They’re kids are so polite…..they don’t steal, and if they curse, it is usually “Darn it” that breaks the morning calm. Oh..and those damn christians always working so hard every day, helping out at soup kitchens or charities to raise money for the less fortunate. And those damn bake sales…yep. I hate those little old christian ladies always making those tasty lemon squares and butter tarts…for what? So they can use the money to buy the church a new pew, or alter. Christians are especially bothersome when they come to your door and ask you so politely to please read these….but at least they do go away peacefully when you inform them that you are not religious.

        You’re right smelter rate….Christians are just as bad as muslim’s.

        Except for that whole, “Islam will dominate the world” and “death to Jews” or “death to infidels” stuff and all. The fact they like to blow people up isn’t really a concern.

        but hey….at least the Muslim’s never try to sell you a lemon square.

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          Pat says:

          About 5% of self-identified “Christians” act the way you’ve described. Some of the worst people I know have been “Christians”. Some of the best too. Whether you are a Christian, or religious at all, has nothing to do with how good of a person you are.

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            JamesHalifax says:

            ok, then Pat…..Try this.

            Do some research and look for who was responsible for the last 100 acts of terrorism. I bet in those 100 acts…you will find the words Islam, Muslim, and bomb.

            Now..try to find the same thing with Christians.

            As for your 5% comment…….you clearly pulled that outta your ass.

            I’m an atheist, but given a choice, I would rather be surrounded by evangelicals trying to peddle lemon squares and pamphlets, than live in a place dominated by Islam.

            Your comments are very politically correct, and I’m sure you feel good posting it for all to see….but I’m just as convinced that given a choice, you would rather live beside a Christian church, than a mosque in Toronto.

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      bluegreenblogger says:

      I think that for anybody who understands that jihad does not always mean some kind of armed struggle, this credo could be pretty innocuous. I think it is fair to say that a majority of muslims, of whether radical or moderate would agree with that credo. The proof will be in the pudding for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. I think that about all that can be done now is to quietly remind them of the blessings of peace and large aid receipts, and hope they prove to be worthy.

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        Warren says:

        Jihad, Crusades, etc. Religions are…you know.

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          JamesHalifax says:

          Warren, the problem is not with Jihad or the Crusades…the problem is that the crusades were abandoned 800 years ago, whereas anyone paying attention to the news can see that the Jihad is still alive and well…making people people un-alive and un-well each and every day.

          No serious person can actually equate Islam as being innocous, though I do understand it is the politically correct thing to do.

          That’s why it is still safe to walk around Europe in the areas where Christians/former christians dominate…..and not safe to walk around Muslim enclaves…especially if you are visibly a Jew, or an uncovered woman.

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            Pat says:

            I don’t know, I’m pretty sure Bush called Iraq/Afghanistan a “Crusade”, so some people must see it that way. How many lives has that “Crusade” cost?

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            JamesHalifax says:


            What were you doing on Sept. 11th about 2001 or so?

            It’s not like the USA just decided to test out their new toys.

            As for people seeing it your way…yes, some people probably do….especially those people who thought 9/11 was a good day.

            One thing is for certain however….about 3000 people who may have disagreed with you…are no longer able to.

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            Bluegreenblogger says:

            Wow, you group together hundreds of millions of very dissimilar people, label them, and peddle bullshit about them online. Then you claim that any actual real world view about Islam, and the many people and cultures that are islamic is actually ‘political correctness’. Just why do you come to this website and peddle your racist views? Do you really think that a bunch of Liberals, you know the party that introduced tolerance to Canada, would all of a sudden wake up and say’ Hey, you are right! It is time to throw all the muslims into ovens because JamesHalifax finally opened my eyes!

            And just so you know, Jihad, a duty for all muslims can be described as follows:

            A believer’s internal struggle to live out the Muslim faith as well as possible
            The struggle to build a good Muslim society
            Holy war: the struggle to defend Islam, with force if necessary

            Believe me, the overwhelming majority of muslims practice the first two forms of jihad. The third is less widely practiced.

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            JamesHalifax says:

            Nice Try Bluegreen….but hey, if it makes you feel better to proclaim your “progressive-ness” for all the world to see, good for you. Of course, you also use the usualy cliche’s and talking points most on the left prefer..racist, bigot..etc..etc…Stay predictable. I wouldn’t want to read anything you write and be surprised.

            As for the number and makeup of Muslim’s Bluegreen…you’re numbers are off.
            There are over a BILLION muslims right now (and growing) and they come in all shapes and colours. You have disparate groups of Muslim’s, the main sects being Shia and Sunni.
            While you are correct in indicating not all Muslim’s are terrorists, you seem to dismiss those Muslim’s who are.

            Here are some more numbers. About 35% or so of Muslim’s in the world support violent Jihad, though not necessarily engaing in it themselves. Of that 35%…about 10% will engage in violence in one form or another if required, while some are actively engaged now.

            what is 35% of a Billion BlueGreen? By the way, many of that 35% live in Western countries including Canada, the UK, Australia, France, Germany, etc…etc…

            As you know, terror attacks and foiled terror attacks are pretty common in these same countries.

            You’re trying to deflect the seriousness of the issue with accusations of racism, or returning people to the ovens just shows me how deluded you really are. Like I said earlier, I’m sure you posted it your comments hoping to sound enlightened and Progressive…….defending the multicultural myth you have created in your own mind.

            To me…you just sound deluded and absent from reality. Try the same test I offered above. Try google and see just how common terrorism and violence comes up in the search results when you search for islam.

            You are such a predicatable, and deluded duffus. Though, I’m sure you practice only the first two forms of duffus-ism, and not much of the third.

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            JamesHalifax says:

            Actually, Tim…hitler and the Muslim’s got along very well. I know you don’t believe it happened, but the Muslim’s during the second world war were supportive of Germany because they were eliminating Jews.

            As for Hitler being a Catholic…sorry..that was debunked ages ago. I was born a protestant..but I’m an athiest. Religion is something you choose to engage in….I choose not to. I’m no more a protestant than Hitler was a Catholic. If in doubt, ask Warren…I’m sure he (as a practicing Catholic) would tell you something along the same lines.

            you really are a daft one aren’t you?….lol

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        JamesHalifax says:

        Bluegreen…..the Muslim’s you see on TV like to make a comparison about Jihad being an inner struggle, but the truth of the matter is that when “jihad” actually affects non-muslim’s, it is not in the form of inner struggle. It’s usually in the form of C4 or TNT wrapped with steel chain, nails, or ball bearings.

        I don’t care if Muslim’s want to better themselves through inner struggle…..I just have a slight disagreement about the jihad effort when it involves the mass murder of people who are going about their daily business.

        Get your head outta your ass.

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          JamesHalifax says:

          Again, Tim…you have swallowed the propoganda. You probably belong to the same school of folks who think the original Egyptians who built the pyramids were black. That’s another common claim amongst revisionists.

          As for Muslim scientific accomplishments…sorry, they stopped the moment Islam arose. Islam is what kept the arab and persian countries in the middle ages for so long, and if not for oil…they would still be there.

          As for Obama….I don’t think he’s religious at all.

          As for you being right about anything…..I’ll let you know when it happens.

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    james curran says:

    Well, traditionally, English speaking non-hispanics choose to name their children after Christ. Thus Christopher comes to mind along with its female version Christine. Christ of course being Greek for “messiah”. Also many Spaniards and Portuguese use the versions Christiano. And, Italians, sometimes prefer my grandfather’s name, Natale, which coincidentally means Christmas. Also the female version Natalie. Just sayin’.

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      Jon Adams says:

      Also: Joshua. Really depends on the translation.

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    kenn2 says:

    I’m a believer in multiculturalism, and in the separation of church and state, so I’m naturally leery of any political group with an overt religious agenda. Or religious groups with a political agenda. I’m also afraid of WASPs. The insect not the demographic.

    But, I also believe in democracy, and support the right of Egypt’s people to choose whoever they want to represent and lead them.

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      JamesHalifax says:


      If the choice had of been between an old Mubarek hack…and Osama bin Laden….they would have elected Bin laden.

      but hey…at least it was democratic.

      (Note: if you have country filled with extremists and their supporters….you are likely to end up with an extremist being elected)

      Trust me…this isn’t going to end well.

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        Pat says:

        Hey, our choice was between a “non-Canadian”, a filthy, lying “economist” and a guy leading a party that most people didn’t take seriously. We picked the “economist”. Sometimes you just don’t have much of a choice.

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          JamesHalifax says:

          Pat, the difference in this case being….none of the (major) Canadian parties we had to choose from will take your rights away or kill you because you disagree with them. Watch what happends in Egypt, particularly their new relationship with Israel.

          Remember….Muslim Brotherhood = Hamas.

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            smelter rat says:

            A country whose population is 90% Muslim elects a Muslim President. James is shocked.

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            JamesHalifax says:

            I was never shocked at the outcome smelter rat…..I saw it coming.

            And it is not the fact they elected a Muslim that is a concern, it is the fact they elected a member of a known terrorist group and supporter of terrorism. I was never shocked in the least.

            As I wrote earlier……the bodies will soon begin piling up, mainly Coptic Christians, though I’m sure they’ll throw in some other infidels for good measure.

            Tell you what ratty……when the reports of muslim extremist gangs attacking Christian churches in Egypt happens…are you going to come back here and post your sorrow filled post?

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    dave says:

    Maybe we figured that the term ‘Christian name’ covered all bases just fine.
    As for the name ‘David,’ well, it just ‘jitterbugs.’

    ( By the way, is Uriah’s wife not answering her phone these days?)

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    Danny says:

    If I were Egyptian and had the choice of a ‘moderate’ Muslim Brotherhood President or a crony from the Mubarak era, I would have taken a leap of faith and voted Muslim Brotherhood.
    I think in the West we equate Muslim with 911, but over 90% of Egyptians are Muslim. So any goverment they elect will represent that. We forget that all of our Western governments are really ‘Christian Governments’ with accomodations made to everyone else. (This in spite of the lip service we give to Separation of Church & State. Remember the Constitution says that , but none of the Churches have ever signed on.)
    I am happy and hopefull for the Egyptians. They have a democratically elected president. Good for them.

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      JamesHalifax says:

      Danny, the issue is not the candidate who belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood and who was elected by Egyptians…the issue will be the Egyptians who DID NOT vote for the Islamicists. They won’t be having too good a day very soon.

      So what you should have written was, “I am hopeful for the Egyptians who voted for the Muslim Brotherhood…..the rest of them, however, are screwed”

      As I said….two weeks and we’ll have a body count in the Coptic section of Egypt. Same will apply to Syria or Libya if the Islmacists take over.

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    Mulletaur says:

    3. Different ideas of reverence. ‘Josh’ or ‘Joshua’ is the same as ‘Jesus’, so this is not unknown among English speakers. Also, there are a fair few Iberian males who carry the first name ‘Maria’. All in all, better than giving your child the first name ‘Lenin’, I suppose.

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    JamesHalifax says:

    I agree to a point about the choice of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate. He was elected because he wasn’t an old Mubarek hack. If there were a choice that was neither Mubarke centred, or Muslim brotherhood connected (that had a chance to win) you may have seen a different result.

    However, the Muslim Brotherhood is well-known as supporters of terrorism, and the fact you stick the word “moderate” in front of the name means nothing.

    True test. Watch what happens in Egypt over the next few weeks. I bet it won’t even be two weeks before the stories of Egyptian Christians or other minorities being murdered starts being reported. The egyptian people don’t really understand democracy other than what they are being told. To them, the election of an Islamicist will simply justify their abuse of non-Islamicists in Egypt. The removal of any freedoms Egyptions have now, will soon begin. The bodies will begin piling up shortly…but hey, at least they elected the Islamic nut-case democratically.

    Anyone care to make a bet?

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      kenn2 says:

      I had some really rude dismissive comments lined up. It would have been a cheap score though.

      James, just get out and meet some Muslims. Simply braying “Islam = evil” is supremely ignorant of all the other factors at play in the Middle East and environs. Also dust off a history book and get acquainted with the terrorists we happen to actually admire: how bout the resistance movements during WW II? The Jewish terrorists who helped establish Israel? The West backed despots or rebels in South America? How about the fact that just about all of the Middle East despots we despise(d) and who actively support(ed) terrorism are or were once darlings/clients of the West – Ghaddafi, Saddam Hussain. Saudi Arabia. Afghanistan. Even bin Laden himself.

      I’ll take your bet. Egypt is as good a place for the world to see what a moderate Islamic country can look like. If you don’t already know about Turkey.

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        JamesHalifax says:

        Kenn2, I spent a fair deal of time working in the Middle East, Egypt in particular. I know a great many Muslim’s who are good people and want the same things we want, however, there is a side to some Egyptians that is a genuine cause for concern. I suspect that many who voted for the terrorist don’t support his brand of Islam, but they simply wanted to get rid of the Mubarek flunkie.

        As for the Jewish terrorists who helped found Israel…..you’ll note they didn’t want dominion of the entire world to establish a Jewish world…they wanted that little sliver of land they currently hold. They didn’t attack us, or hate us.

        I actually agree about the West Supporting the dictators in the Middle East…we should have left well enough alone, but it’s too late to do anything about it now. That was years ago…and we can’t go back.

        As for the bet……I’m looking forward to it. By the way…there was an interview on TV last night with a Coptic fellow in Egypt, and they are terrified of the outcome.

        I do suspect however, if the Muslim Brotherhood tries to make too many changes too fast…the Military will take over again before too much blood is spilled.

        As for Turkey….I’ve been there too. It was pretty secular for the last 80 years or so, but they have elected a Government that is more Islam minded…and you can already see the effects on the relationship with Israel.

        Things are going to get interesting.

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