06.14.2012 12:01 PM

The Ontario PCs want you to die

…well, that’s a slight overstatement, but not by much, frankly.  Today, they moved in the Ontario legislature to defund the province’s air ambulance service (they’re big on defunding).  Among other things, that would mean air transport of sick and injured people would, you know, stop.

This being the Walkerton Party, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that they want to kill lots of people.  And, when one reflects on the Ontario PC’s stumbles on Ornge over the past few weeks – here and here and here and here and here – it’s clearly just more of the sort of top-drawer political strategy we have all come to expect of Tea Party North and the smirking frat boy who leads it.

Anyway, don’t simply take my word for it.  Here, the journalists weigh in on the Ontario PC’s end-of-session stunt.  Didn’t go over so well, you might say.


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    jbro says:

    i have a dear friend whose life was saved by air ambulance in ontario; otherwise, he’d be gone.

    serious and compassionate people realize that looking after each other in times of need is essential.

    if there’s a viable alternative that saves lives, i’m all ears.

    life is too short and dear; politicians who put personal gain, party, and power over principle on issues like this need to be defeated at the ballot box (excuse the alliteration).

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    Michael S says:

    Wait. ORNGE mostly serves rural Ontario, right? Like, their base?

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    Cynical says:

    I assume you are already scripting the attack ad for the next election. Sometimes they make it so easy…

    “The Walkerton Party”… or Wankerdom Party. Take yer pick.

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    JamesHalifax says:

    Which…is why I didn’t vote for Hudak’s party in the last election.

    If the air ambulance is plagued with problems (and it is)…then fix it. Don’t just get rid of it.

    Try telling the family of the next dead traffic victim they couldn’t get to the hospital because the regular ambulance couldn’t get through Toronto traffic.

    How daft.

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      Tim Sullivan says:

      It is a Conservative reaction. Don’t understand it (because conservatives are not as bright as others), or does not fit with its idea of being whatever (democratic, too expensive, not populated by enough Tories) then get rid of it. It’s not like they have any ideas or leadership going on over there.

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    David_M says:

    Heard news reports late today of the provincial NDP playing footsies with Hudak at committie.
    Is Horwath to be trusted or not?

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    Bill Templeman says:

    Meanwhile in Peterborough, the federal Tory brand is getting slightly tarnished. Could the Mean Dean Machine be in trouble?….


    After all, our local boy is getting lovely national press…


    He who lives by the sword….

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    Robert K. says:


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    Geoffrey Laxton says:

    When one of their base crashes their car in the middle of nowhere, oh well.

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