07.16.2012 10:44 AM

Fight The Right mentioned in new Hill Times! Also, I’m “seasoned,” like a food product!

“Hill Times Wise Guy, Sun columnist and seasoned Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella has managed to take a break from his many side projects to write a book.

Fight the Right: A Manual for Surviving the Coming Conservative Apocalypse is set for release on October 2, but diehard fans can pre-order the 256-page tome online through Amazon. The book promises to be a political survival guide for the “nasty, brutish and short-sighted era in which we find ourselves, ”and offers progressives insights into the inner workings of the conservative mind. The book also promises to be a guide for those planning to launch a progressive advocacy effort, and gives historical examples of progressive campaign victories ranging from Jean Chrétien to RFK Jr. And that’s not all — Mr. Kinsella promises to forcefully argue that Canada’s Conservatives cannot be defeated “until a United Left emerges.”

Conservatives shouldn’t be scared away by the title, though. In a posting on his blog, warrenkinsella.com, last week, Mr. Kinsella wrote,“I don’t hate Stephen Harper…that doesn’t mean we agree with many of his policies — we of course don’t — but we don’t see the man as evil incarnate, either.”

Seriously though, get ready for the apocalypse.”


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    Ottawacon says:

    Not quite the subject of this post, but I would be curious on your views on what is happening in BC provincial politics right now. Seems to me there are two possible narratives:

    i) Death of the middle – same deal as the Federal, the Liberals are being squeezed out by the emergence of the BC Cons, a diminishing number of moderate voters are moving to the NDP, etc, etc. This seems to be the dominant analysis, with the difference between BC and Canada being that in BC, the left looks likely to emerge as the dominant force.

    ii) Clark misreading the basis of support – the moderates are in fact not diminishing at all, but in Clark’s haste to maintain the Campbell center-right coalition, she has overreacted to the emergence of the Cons (perhaps due to the fact that her caucus is much further right than the mean Liberal Party of BC member, to whom she had enough appeal to win). So the moderates aren’t leaving, they are being left behind – but the middle of the spectrum is no less viable than it ever has been.

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    Marc-André Chiasson says:

    Seasoned, eh?. Given your Liberal roots and “take-no-prisoners” modus operandi, Warren, some would say that the seasoning is red chili pepper. Note that I omitted the word “hot” from that seasoning descriptor. I’ll leave it up to representatives of the fair sex to comment on that component of the formula, lol.

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      Warren says:

      The fair sex has no interest in this spice boy. Word.

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        JamesHalifax says:

        Show him your groupie pic, Warren.

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