07.26.2012 11:34 AM

Twitter is down

Here. In other news, up in Ottawa, certain members of the press gallery don’t know what to do with themselves.


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    W.B. says:

    Off topic but media related.
    As a supporter of public broadcasting I am stunned that although they lost Olympic coverage to CTV they are spending huge amounts of money on pseudo Olympic coverage. Mansbridge is in London for god’s sake. Why?
    The other TV networks must be furious. And the CBC can’t even show real competition. It’s a joke. The Toronto morning radio host is over there; can you believe it? Think of the technical and back crews. Mansbridges make up person and hair dresser.
    Global can’t try to do this can it? Of course not; they are spending their own money. This is taking CBC bloat to extremes. A useless, pointless, unnecessary extravagance.
    CTV has it for Canada; let them run with it. CBC could run an announcer reading the wire copy results.
    Is that Sun guy Lilly working this?

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      Michael says:

      Why would Mansbridge need a hairdresser?

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        W.B. says:

        I’m not too swift on the humour side of things, but believe it or not, I put it in on purpose!
        To add to my comment, sure they need a certain level of coverage at the event since so many Canadians are there and some real news event could occur. But Mansbridge is pontificating on The National like he’s an equal or more than equal with CTV which is impossible. It’s all fakery. They don’t have the rights to SHOW anything except short news clips. It won’t do the CBC any good in the end just alienate whatever collegial good will there might be with competitors, and leaving a bad taste in the mouths of all the political parties.
        I love the CBC and have been devoted to it like so many Canadians for decades. But why do they have to be so dumb?

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    Tim Sullivan says:

    He can cover the inept who come a-cortin’.


    Still no explanation from the Guardian how poor the proof-reading is in this article.

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