08.08.2012 07:02 AM

John Paul Villeneuve

I was very sad to learn of his passing only this morning. I don’t think there was anyone I’ve ever met who was so enthusiastic about my books. With him, I always knew I had one keen reader.

My deepest condolences to his amazing family. A great loss to the arts and reading.

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    Harold Hoefle says:


    John was a friend of my good friend Doug Brown–himself pals with John Geddes–and so, a decade ago, I was given the job of dropping a package off at John V’s apartment in Stratford. This I did. And noticed: on the bookshelf, a copy of Dante’s Inferno, cozied up to a book on the Leafs.

    I met the man a few times after, and was always impressed, not least by the shock of long grey hair…he was born to play Prospero, again and again and again.

    hope you’re well,

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