08.27.2012 07:55 AM

More on Layton and the NDP

Rabson’s more diplomatic than I was, and she makes a point I didn’t: the NDP isn’t entirely to blame for attempting to capitalize on Jack Layton’s passing. The media, says this media personage, is to blame, too.

Either way, I haven’t changed my view: some within the NDP have shamelessly and cynically exploited that man’s death. They should be ashamed of themselves. And they should let him R.I.P.


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    Tom says:

    What I see is SOME Liberals using the anniverary of his death for cheap shots and political points.

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      Dan says:

      Yeah, agreed. You can always point to “some”.

      But most people genuinely admired and respected the man. And most of the NDP has done little more than acknowledge the reality: that a political leader died in office, and they miss him, and they’re trying to continue the work he did (which is the work that all in the party are committed to).

      I don’t see many Liberals getting angry about that, outside the most partisan circles.

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      Dennis Hollingsworth says:

      TOM … you could start WALKING YOUR TALK … baby steps to begin with, by telling us who you are, instead of behaving like repugnant HARPER-CONs unwilling to identify themselves as a person with a NAME AND A LOCATION.

      FURTHERMORE, WHY DON’T WE THROW THIS CONVERSATION WIDE OPEN, TO INCLUDE A FULL BLOWN DISCUSSION OF HOW YOUR SMILIN JACK pretty much single-handedly SABOTAGED & BLEW-UP The Kelowna Accord AND The National DayCare Program (certainly DIPPER priorities, in another time zone, at least) as part Of JACKS ONGOING CONSPIRACY CHATS, WITH NONE OTHER THAN STEVE Judas HARPER !!

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        Steven says:

        The NDP’s ongoing necromancy with Jack Layton in their various campaigns obliges certain reminders of his shameless showboating and opportunism, ranging from:

        -the small stuff – elbowing a Montreal bar patron aside to be seen on TV news to be cheering for the Habs;

        -his and Empress Olivia’s “Mulroney Airbus Inquiry defence” (“they never asked us”) to not disclosing their incomes to the Co-op where they lived under subsidy in the 90’s;

        -the cheap and hypocritical shot about Ignatieff’s attendance record in Parliament;

        to the serious stuff (in addition to the misdeeds noted by Dennis H, above):

        – the selling out of the federation and more than half of Quebec’s residents, to the separatists in Quebec by embracing the Sherbrooke Declaration;

        – the wilful supression and/or censoring of information about his health during the last campaign, even after his passing;

        Like someone else mentioned in WK’s blog, this kind of posthumous worship reeks of North Korean dead leader worship.

        As to Harper’s unctuous anniversary memorial comments, no surprise there: He should be grateful for Layton’s efforts to osut the Liberals even if it meant the delivery of the government to him and

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        Tom says:

        Sorry Dennis, I don’t give my home address and phone number to insane partisan hacks. But please don’t let me stop you from blaming Jack for everything including Global Warming, War, Pestilence, Drought, and Moral Decay.

        I am a member of no party..yet. I am more NDP and the more I interact with Libs on this website the more I realize Liberals will be impossible to work with in order to end the Con regime. You’re living in the past and blaming everyone else for your failures.

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    Anne Peterson says:

    Of course if Justin Trudeau happens to be elected leader of the libs they will not never, ever, ever exploit the Trudeau name, not never, ever, ever exploit the Trudeau name. I had to say it twice.

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      Tiger says:


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    Nick H says:

    Yeah, I’m sure Layton is spinning in his grave. He would totally be outraged that the party he spent years building up would dare to use his name for political advantage. As a politician Layton would be outraged to see the NDP doing something politically advantageous, because that is absolutely not what he stood for.

    Meanwhile Liberals who complain about this are being entirely sincere and not at all hypocritical. Also the sky is green and the sun sets in the East.

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    don craig says:

    jack laid the ground work for all this continued faux misery

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