08.06.2012 08:48 AM

Sikh temple shooter a white supremacist (updated)


They’ve been searching his place all night. I won’t be at all surprised if they find the sort of propaganda – Steyn et al. – that inspired Anders Breivik.

Words lead to deeds. It is always thus.

UPDATE: He was a member of a hate rock band, says SPLC.


  1. jeremy says:

    How many more killings must it take in order for people to wake up? This latest incident is proof that guns and body armour should be completely banned! There is no need whatsoever for any citizen to own guns in a civilized society. The right winged conservative argument that an armed citizenry keeps the government in “check” is hogwash! If the government wants to take over your home a pistol or shotgun won’t stop the police or military. Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco? Yeah the government won there!

    I know Warren you like guns but I also know you’re a lawyer and a good liberal, so I’m sure you would even give up your guns as part of a collective program if it would save just one life.

    Guns kill that’s the bottom line. I believe that only the police and military should have guns in any civilized society. Take a look at Japan, England and South Korea just to name a few civilized society where gun ownership is so restricted that the average citizen can’t have one.

  2. don craig says:

    In your civilized society, why would the police and military need guns?

  3. Attack! says:

    Or perhaps you’re devoid of any empathy for your fellow human beings, and it’s not. (And arguing that we should ban isn’t an ad hominem argument in the least.)

    And banning the sale of large gun clips/magazines to civilians in ALL 50 states & Canada to limit how many can be shot in a single go before needing to reload is a perfectly sensible & attainable measure that is also quite consistent with maintaining a progressive liberal democracy.

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