09.06.2012 08:24 AM

K-W and Vaughan take note: Ten reasons not to vote for Tim Hudak’s Ontario PCs

  1. His own party doesn’t like him.
  2. He has crazy policies.
  3. He was prepared to force an election months after the last one.
  4. He is prepared to put politics before peoples’ safety.
  5. His hacks conceived and managed Ornge, and were responsible for the resulting scandal.
  6. His own supporters think he’s leading them into humiliation.They disagree with him all the time.
  7. His caucus is packed with sexist, intolerant old men.
  8. His cabal are knee-deep in scandal at any given time.
  9. His biggest pal and supporter is Rob Ford, now enmeshed in a conflict-of-interest scandal.
  10. He doesn’t like “foreigners.” He doesn’t like gays.

Don’t vote for him, people. ┬áHe’s bad news.


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    Dude Love says:


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    Iris Mclean says:

    But he has the perfect irresistible smile. Some people call it a smirk, but that’s not fair.

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