09.24.2012 12:43 PM

Left coast mystery

I’m on the set and about to go on air at Sun News. So I don’t know what happened here.

I do know Ken to be a very good guy, our politics notwithstanding.


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    Torgo says:

    There are a lot of rumours going around Victoria here, but at this point it looks to be something personal, especially with the reference to his family (and I think that’s about all we need to go into).

    Bad timing for the BC Liberals, given the BC Conservatives’ problems over the weekend – Cummins weakly survived the leadership review vote, and both John Van Dongen and John Martin left the party. Possible gains in the right-wing vote for the BC Libs are offset by a continuing appearance of chaos/drama in the Premier’s Office.

    None of this will prevent a NDP victory next May, but a dip in the BC Cons fortunes will mean just a strong defeat for the Liberals rather than a resounding wipeout.

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    Jon Evan says:

    It is a nutty province in which I live! Politically: a zoo :(.
    If things get any worse for CC then to save money which we need, it would be better to not have an election in May but just turn things over to Adrian. It’s the most rational, expedient, and cost effective thing to do! And I am not a lefty saying this.

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    DJ says:

    Can’t imagine why Stephen Harper invited Rob Ford to Harrington Lake this summer. Not very smart.

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    smelter rat says:


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    Tim Sullivan says:

    Is this a known fact or are you speculating?

    Not believeing in god and not drinking keeps you out of a lot of messes, it seems. What say you for keeping out of facts?

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