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Very sorry to hear of his passing. A great Canadian.


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    Michael Behiels says:

    Peter Lougheed will go down in history as Western Canada’s best Premiers in the 20th Century.

    My condolences go out to his family and friends. Thanks, in part, to Mr. Lougheed’s endorsement, Alison Redford and her Progressive Conservative Party won re-election. The Wild Rose Alliance gang were prevented from trashing Alberta and humiliating Albertans in the eyes of the world.

    As a Canadian political and constitutional historian I had the distinct privilege of going through Peter Lougheed’s Papers at the Public Archives of Alberta, which are open to the public. What did I discover?

    Premier Lougheed was a brilliant master at managing men and women and pushing his clearly defined agenda for Alberta and Albertans forward day by day, month by month, and year by year. He did so in good times and in bad times, all the while maintaining the support and loyalty of all Albertans regardless of their political convictions and values.

    Premier Lougheed’s government helped diversify the economy of Alberta by moving it beyond the renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Alberta maintained and diversified its agricultural economy. But, more importantly Alberta now has a strong foundation for further diversification over the next half century. In his last foray into politics Lougheed encouraged Premier Redford not to export Alberta’s valuable raw bitumen but to have it upgraded in the province. This diversification will provide more high-skilled and higher-paying jobs for Albertans and more revenues for the province. I hope she took the advice to heart.

    For readers wanting to know more about Mr. Lougheed’s remarkable contribution to the transformation of Constitutionalism in Canada they can profitably consult my chapter in Richard Connors and John M. Law’s Forging Alberta’s Constitutional Framework.

    Have a great day.

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    Cynical says:

    Not your favourite commentator, I’m sure, but David Climenhaga has a piece here:

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    thor says:

    I was very privileged, and remain truly grateful, to have grown up in Alberta under Lougheed’s leadership. Only in retrospect do I now understand how good we had it and how committed that party was to investing in the well-being of people, especially education and healthcare.

    Always struck me as odd, though, as I’ve lived in different cities in Canada from West to East the extent to which people associate Alberta with such negativity. Funny, too, how Allison Redford is seen as the “first” progressive leader in Alberta.

    Regardless, RIP Mr. Lougheed. Your life and political leadership directly affected my life for the better.

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    T.W says:

    Smart, tough, principled,approachable, got out while he was still on top of his game, and one hell of a nice guy.
    It annoys me there is this perception in Canada of Alberta being a land of pick up driving yahoos (though they do exist).
    I always like to point out Peter Lougheed as the ideal Albertan (but a Canadian first) whenever I hear crap like that.

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      kenn2 says:

      Lougheed was a great Canadian, and a great Albertan. He gave great service to both, and his vision for Alberta has made Canada stronger.

      It annoys me there is this perception in Canada of Alberta being a land of pick up driving yahoos

      1. Ft Mac (ok I keed. )
      2. The majority of the current federal government’s western members are not on a par with Mr Lougheed. They seem to have embraced their inner yahoos.
      3. Alison Redford is considered a socialist? This shows how thoroughly the CPC (and farm clubs like Wildrose Alliance) have purged the Conservative party of the last whiff of progressive.

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    dave says:

    Concise chronology of Lougheed’s accomplishments as premier over at TheTyee website!

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    Kev says:

    A class act, a great Canadian, great Albertan, and – rarity these days – decent man in politics.

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      Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      I always felt that Mr. Lougheed was the only protection we in the west had against the horrors in Ottawa. God Bless him!

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