09.04.2012 08:11 PM


Winners: pro-Canada parties.

Losers: pollsters, pundits, PQ.


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    jack says:

    On my soapbox again…….why are we subject to the pollsters and why are the media even bothering with the pollsters? Forum and Ekos are so far off I could have guessed better with a dart board.

    The FACT is the pollsters have no idea how to sample properly with the new technology in place. their samples are biased, skewed, unreliable and based on old, old methods.

    There is no way they are capturing the youth who operate primarily with cell phones. They cannot account for survey fatigued people who hang up, don’t answer or simply pick the first answer to get the call over with. Their samples are limited to people with land lines who will honestly answer the question. That sample is so small its not representative.

    And they never account for the undecideds, rather just reporting those who say they have made up their minds. They assume the undecideds will follow the same percentages as their sample that did answer.

    Its so full of BS its time to stop the polling. Its USELESS.

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      Attack! says:

      actually, someone (Claire Durand, U.Mtrl sociology prof) who knows a lot more about it than you says the issue is that the right of centre (in this case, the Qc Lib) voters — i.e., the ones they DO reach — actually tend to _lie_ or at least mislead about their vote intention (whether out of embarrassment or just to deliberately muck up the results):


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        Conservative Socialist says:

        When I had a landline, I always lied to pollsters about my voting intentions. The more I hated a political party, the more I said that I enthusiastically supported them to a pollster who called me.

        I was hoping that this would cause those parties I hated to have some overconfidence.

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    frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Phew!…..possible coalition between Libs and CAQ?…..point is moot if QS supports the PQ I guess……

    I was hoping the sovereignty issue had finally been put to bed in my lifetime…..but sadly it was not meant to be…..

    At any rate, there wont be a referendum on independence anytime soon I would hope……

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      Eric says:

      with only four seats and <1% of the pop vote separating them, and with presumed support of enough members of the CAQ, I think that he would have had enough of a convincing argument to remain premier, if he had won his own seat

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    Sean says:

    surely I’m not the only person thinking “coalition”.

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    Eenusch says:

    Looks like Nurse Ratched will be the new Premier with a fragile minority.

    Ottawa and the ROC yawns.

    Her powers to threaten the Feds are greatly exaggerated.

    Harper should swat her away like a mosquito.

    What will she do then? Threaten to phone his mommy?

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