09.08.2012 08:09 PM

The Astronaut vs. The Space Cadet

This is, hands down, the funniest column I have read about politics in ages.

Along with the jokes, it also contains some truths worth knowing.


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    Rrrrise Up Boston! says:

    Every single Tory column-even this amusing one- about a potential Trudeau bid contains an element of paranoia. Regardless of some possible truth attached to these narratives, it is clear they really don’t want this guy to win. A Trudeau leadership would likely spell a nightmare for Harper, who surely hoped he had despatched the Liberal Party into the annals of history once and for all.

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      Peter says:

      A Trudeau leadership would likely spell a nightmare for Harper

      I disagree. At least in the ROC, Trudeau is likely to appeal to those who a) don’t like the Cons and never have; and b) take a –ahem–stylistic approach to politics as opposed to a substantive one. That spells more trouble fo Mulcair than Harper.

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        Glen says:

        I think Trudeau would win. He offers little in the way of substance today but you’re fooling yourself if you think that matters. This just in: Politics is a popularity contest, today more than ever, and the public-at-large can be stupid and lazy. Kim Jong Harper knows this.

        By the time the next election rolls around the political cycle will be turning over once again and people will be ready for a change. Plus, the Liberal “brand” is still strong and just waiting for the right leader (aka anyone named Trudeau) to bring it back to its former “glory”.

        It’s obvious there is still a huge division within the Liberal party, but once Harper is stung and the Liberals smell blood and victory, they’ll get it together and finish him off. (That’s a boxing analogy.)

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          Pete says:

          My bet is harper won’t be around for the next election and will be esconced in his new home near Calgery.

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    MississaugaPeter says:

    The Dauphin Saviour has charisma. More than all the HOC politicians put together!

    But, do folks really expect him to be able to control himself for seven months and then more prior to an election? The microscope will be on him like no one else ever in Canadian history. His closet would have to be cleaner than Mother Teresa’s to withstand the scrutiny.

    Yes, the media has built him up. But they will knock him down. Think other crown princes: Martin, Iggy, Gary Hart, George H.W.

    Today, the JT bandwagons are overflowing. Wait until those who can’t get on start to be pissed off.

    JT will not be prime minister this decade. He needs to gain more wisdom and experience before he goes for the crown.

    A wise JT would back Marc (it is Quebec’s turn), Gerard (again), or Dominic, and help them build the Party so it is there when he really is ready to take the helm. I believe JT is wise and will do so. Otherwise, the federal Liberal Party will be decimated because their Saviour is not ready.

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      Pete says:

      Obviously, you are full of shit and possibly a closet Tory.

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        MississaugaPeter says:

        Why would you say that? Because I have not been completely blinded by the awesomeness of the Dauphin Saviour?

        JT has proven himself in a wonderful light in Papineau and in the boxing ring.

        He attracts more Liberals, young and old, than anyone else out there. Unfortunately, he also attracts name-calling idiots (yes you, Pete) who remind me of many of the partisan idiots behind Martin and Iggy.

        JT is a lot of things, but he is not ready to be elected leader of the federal Liberals or prime minister. If he was, JT would not have recently:

        1. Recorded robocalls in K-W warning voters against voting for the provincial NDP because they are a threat to national unity
        2. Had to explain comments concerning his loyalty to Canada
        3. Had to apologize for using foul language in the House of Commons

        He is a “Rock Star”, but we need him to mature into a statesman. It can happen.

        JT running for leader now is just as premature as it was having Iggy run for leader. He was tapped to be the next leader, but he was supposed to be a Martin Minister first. If he had been a Minister first, I believe he would have been prime minister. The problem was that he was thrust into the leadership race before he was ready. JT today is not ready!

        JT at the helm today would result in the federal Liberal Party going the same way as the federal PCs under Campbell and the B.C. Liberals under Christy. Initially also heralded as Saviours.

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          Pete says:

          a. He is going to have to prove to Libs across the Country he is worthy.
          b. He will have competition for the job.
          c. He is smarter and more serious than you could ever understand and this will show up during the leadership campaign.
          d. He campaigned for the provincial liberal in his home riding and he won against strong odds.
          e. His comments about the federal NDP in KW are dead on. Muclair is going to get hammered with his 50% +1 statements. And, the PQ government will look and smell like a provincial NDP with the exception of their referendum comments to still the voices of the militants, just like harper does with his yahoos.
          e. He will have had 8 years in parliament when the next election is called and he will benefit from Bob Rae’s rebuilding efforts if he wins the nomination. And , he will have about 18months to prepare for an election if he wins
          f. the “saviour” comments come for the ignorant and uninformed. The informed people have seen the depth he has and like it but not w/o reserve until the leadership campaign is going full tilt.
          G. His demands to the party’s governing council about expense limits will show up as a very smart move as he will have money to counter any Tory attack ads that are sure to appear once he becomes a clear favorite closer in to next April. He knows how dirty the cons are and has anticipated their attacks.

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            RP says:

            Re: (d) – his comments on the NDP in KW were NOT dead on, and attempts to gloss over the facts is an example of partisanship at its worst. You mention two parties in your explanation: the Federal NDP and the PQ. You fail the mention the Ontario NDP, against whom Trudeau’s silly robocalls were actually directed.

            It makes no more sense to attack the Ontario NDP for the Sherbrooke Declaration than it does to accuse the Ontario Liberals of corruption due to the sponsorship scandal. I’m willing to entertain arguments about the federal NDP’s position on what constitutes a clear majority, but this discussion necessitates exclusion of the provincial wing, as Ontario would have little to no role to play in the event of a referendum. Implying that they would betrays either a grade school knowledge of the constitutional framework of this country or a foolish attempt to confuse the voters of KW. Luckily, KW proved that they are not so easily fooled.

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    Jon Adams says:

    I know it’s supposed to be the mobile site, but hol-ee sha-mo-lee… Does anyone at the Sun know about the concept of paragraphs? For Pete’s sake, you’re writing a column meant for public consumption, not turning in a Grade 11 essay you’ve padded to be four pages long.

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      Warren says:

      Yeah I saw that too. I certainly didn’t file it that way, believe me.

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    smelter rat says:

    He needs more wisdom? Lack of it hasn’t stopped people from voting for Harper.

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    Glen says:


    I mean, anyone who doesn’t bow down to JT and immediately declare him the next prime minister must be a closet Tory, right?

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    bluegreenblogger says:

    Too many facile commentators anytime they see the word ‘Trudeau’. We shall see very shortly what he is made of. I am certainly not forming any opinions based on the opinions of people who have never met, nor listened to the man. From what I have seen so far,hHe has a lot of charisma, he is a hard working, and very strong fundraiser. He is generally thoughtful when asked for comments. He will be both handicapped and strengthened by his name, and the associations that brings with it. Let us see if he can overcome the handicap, and capitalise on the positive. It is purely speculative at the moment, but I have a feeling he will make Harper squirm big time in a toe to toe debate. Mulcair might not be so easy to wrong-foot. But he doesn’t need to wrong foot Mulcair to win, just stand up as a credible alternative

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    Derek Pearce says:

    JT has charisma but Garneau does have more gravitas. I think the party should go with Garneau.

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      Warren says:

      Leaning that way too my friend

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        Realist says:

        Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m hoping somebody will coax Charest into the race. God knows why he’d want to do it when he can probably find a cushy gig at some swank Montreal law firm, but I think he’d be a great candidate who would instantly change the dynamic in Quebec, and hence nationally.

        If he won, he’d also go down in history as the only person to have led both the Tories and the Liberals at the national level AND been a provincial premier, which has to be worth something.

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          Tim Sullivan says:

          He’s a conservative.

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        Tim Sullivan says:

        Why are you cooling on Trudeau, WK?

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          Warren says:

          I favour his candidacy, plus lots of other folks, too. The only ones I’m against are those who couldn’t win their seats, for obvious reasons.

          I want the best leader, and I’m confident the Libs will come up with a good one.

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      Tim Sullivan says:

      Garneau may not have the years it will take to put in to get the job done. I’m thinking we need someone for 3 rounds of elections before we shit on him (not like a “her” in the crowd worth considering yet) for having spent time out of the country — or off the planet.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Might not be a bad idea to have at least one to two strong major candidates per region. We want plenty of leadership blood coursing through those convention veins. We need a big splash with lots of content — themes revealing where individual candidates want to take the country and realistic visions of each of their personal outlooks.

    We should choose the strongest candidate we can find who in turn will endear stability, strength and unity to the party — and the electorate willing, the country.

    Do our best times lie ahead as Liberals? Our collective job is to do all we can to make it so.

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    Scotty Rowe says:

    Justin Trudeau hasn’t impressed me much so far. Whenever I’ve seen him on CTV’s Question Period on Sunday mornings, he did not come across as very statesmanlike or mature. Marc Garneau, on the other hand, seems like a thoughtful and mature gentleman.

    At this time, I think that it is more important to find a new provincial Liberal leader in Quebec. The federal Liberals need to rebuild and to regain the confidence of voters. I don’t see that happening quickly. On the other hand, the provincial Liberals need a leader immediately, given the slim minority the PQ has. I have to wonder if perhaps a guy like Garneau might better serve Canada by taking the reins in Quebec, if he is so inclined.

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    Louis Boulianne says:

    I think JT is a flake, All his life he played with daddy’s money and politics is a sport for him and we are the toys. I was told by someone they would vote for him because he’s cute. Get a grip we need serious people to run this country. Steven Harper is serious and is doing it real fine.

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