10.30.2012 08:12 AM


Got to Vancouver’s airport at 5:30 for a flight to Calgary and more interviews. Folks were gathered around TVs, quiet, watching Sandy coverage, shaking their heads. Reminded me of walking through LAX the morning of the Oklahoma City bombing: travelers watching TVs, utterly silent.

At the speech at Cap College last night, we took a moment to send a prayer or good wishes in the direction of the East Coast. Afterwards, quite a few of those in attendance asked me what I thought Sandy’s impact would be on the US election campaign.

“Romney will now effectively disappear, he’s irrelevant,” I said. “But Obama has been given a chance to show us that calm, reassuring guy we first met in 2008, and we haven’t seen much of since. Sandy could help him win an election that, for a few days, he has been losing.”

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