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Fight The Right on CBC Radio Noon!

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    reformatory says:

    Bought the book, liked it allot. Full disclosure… the night I bought it.. I started and continued to read it and did not stop.. all night long… no breaks. I finished the next morning at 10AM. I haven’t pulled an all nighter since the university essay days! LoL

    Anyhow.. wanted to ask.. cause I got into a discussion with a fellow conservative over a remark you made in the book on how 2011 is one of the elections that the “right” holds right up there with meeting Reagan, Bush, puberty, you know it was their “electionpalozza” and all.

    I asked him, how this could be so.. when everyone agrees (even experts) that this election was tainted with robo scams, in and out, and other dirty tricks. I mean wouldn’t an honest win feel better.

    I guess one could say “whatever floats their boat”

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    ralphie says:

    Yesterday afternoon CBC had Tony Clement on and he was asked if the Tory government is going to turn over all the documents requested by the budget watchdog. Clement danced around but in the and admitted the Tories won’t be turning over the material.
    Of course this story wasn’t on the CBC website today and the rest of the media in this country are too busy screaming about how the Provincial Liberals delayed in turning over the documents on the power plant to bother to mention how once again the federal Tories refuse to hand over ducuments to their own budget watchdog.

    Just another example of how media in this country work for the Tories.

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