10.01.2012 06:06 AM

Interesting Trudeau story

…which would have been helped if there had been at least one source speaking on the record.


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    Peter says:

    Interesting indeed, because it is going to thow a wrench at all those policy wonks and partisans who think politics is or should be a clash of policy ideas. The Cons and Dippers will beat the “lack of substance” theme to death, starting by sneering that a party that has been telling everyone it is taking a long break to come up with fresh faces and new ideas is now flocking like teenaged girls at a Beiber concert to a guy named Trudeau with no record to speak of and few ideas anybody is aware of. But con that I am, I also think there is a very good argument that the decent, muddled middle of the electorate that looks more to character and inspiration is essential to liberal democracy, keeps the country resilient and protects us against the triumph of ideological rigidity and excess over common sense and basic decency. Particularly in a country with so many regions, cultures and languages. I still see him as more of a threat to the NDP than the Cons, but who kinows?

    But Warren, do you really think he has the strength, discipline and gravitas to handle what’s coming his way? It’s going to get very nasty from all sides. What Canadian politician has ever had to deflect a public trash-talking of his mother?

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      Warren says:

      I don’t know. I used to know him well; I know him hardly at all, now.

      We shall all see his mettle at the same time, however.

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    frmr Disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    One of the reasons (among many) the Canadian electorate didnt go for Iggy was that they found his eyebrows too bushy…..sad, but true….
    A handsome man otherwise, it shows that attractiveness, or perceived attractiveness, goes a long way in politics….the “Harding Effect” for example…
    If the electorate wants an “idol” give it to them I say….

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