10.13.2012 11:25 AM

Mr. Coyne

Andrew Coyne’s Dad has passed away.

I didn’t know Andrew’s Dad. But when my own Dad died – eight years, three months and 28 days ago – I was drowning in grief. I could not breathe.

Andrew and I weren’t close friends or anything, back then. I didn’t understand him all that well; intelligent conservatives have that effect on me.

But Andrew took me to lunch, and I admit I was having a bit of a hard time keeping it together. Despite that, it was apparent to me that this was a son who also loved his father, a lot. You could tell.

If Andrew sees this, this is the only insight I have to offer him: things aren’t the same, afterwards. You stay sad, but it gets a bit less sad as time goes by.

Also, you need to remember him in every achievement you have, on every single day you have left.

And this: I didn’t know your Dad. But I know he must have been pretty proud to have a son like you.


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    Daniel Wolgelerenter says:

    A very menschlich tribute, Warren, and a very menschlich thing for Andrew to have done eight years ago.

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    Raymond says:

    Well said, WK.
    My condolences to Mr. Coyne.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I also am sorry for Andrew Coyne’s loss. One doesn’t necessarily realize when a parent is still with us how much their comportment has instilled values in their children. That was certainly my case. My father had many qualities and I now recognize some of them in myself. I’m working to add others to the list! My message for everyone who has suffered a significant loss: take the best you’ve learned from the deceased and apply it to your own efforts. In that way, the departed can live on through your own personal commitments. A fine tribute, in my case, from son back to father.

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    Michael Reintjes says:

    That was a wonderful thing to read Warren….I didn’t know your dad or Mr Coyne’s but I sure am going to give my dad a big hug tonight. Thanks Warren, reminds me of how much politics mean in the big picture….I love you dad…

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    WDM says:

    Really nice note, Warren. I saw the news come across my Twitter feed this morning and called my parents soon after.

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