10.16.2012 09:54 AM

The best column you’ll read today about Dalton McGuinty

(Including mine!) And from a possibly unlikely source, here.

Wonderfully written, and very astute, too.


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    blueblood says:

    hahaha from a Tory that’s code for were happy to see your back side. When people clap because you’re leaving is that not a bad thing?

    Spin all you want. There are many people happy to see him go. He had a good run. His last few years are full of errors, and misguided non-Liberal policies.

    The Liberal playbook needs to be re-calibrated.

    Dalton did not leave things in good order as some like to profess.

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    Lance says:

    No matter how you slice it, there is a large segment of this province that views the departure of McGuinty in this fashion –


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    Jon Evan says:

    Proroguing the legislature and then quitting anyway is a cruel cynical move by a man who just wasted Ontario taxpayer money on an election that now is meaningless.
    Look, if a minority gov’t isn’t working: call an election and fight in it and stand up for the reasons the opposition is wrong.
    The best column today is from the NP:

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      Tim Sullivan says:

      How is an election meaningless? Did you not vote for your local MPP? Is there not a full legislature of MPPs?

      Perhaps you prefer a congressional form of government, not the parliamentary form we have in Ontario. McGuinty is still the premier and will be until he resigns and the Lt. Gen selects another.

      Government continues on.

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        Jon Evan says:

        A waste because as soon as a new liberal leader appears he/she will have to call an election. Why? Listen to Dalton: the minority gov’t wasn’t working! So, a new leader won’t make it work either. Can’t. No mandate! Follow and learn.

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          Tim Sullivan says:

          Then it is the fact fo the minority and not Dalton’s resignation that caused the “waste”.

          Most minorities run about 2 years, so if he lasts into the end of this year, it will be about fair.

          Don’t blame an election yet on the Liberals. I can assure you, they preferred to have a majority. As for a “waste”, I think elections is money well spent (except when there is overspending, voter supression and ballot box stuffing), but that’s just my taste.

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    jack says:

    Some credit must be given to those who realize when it’s time to leave. And he feels it is his time. As far as Lib leadership goes – I hope not. People in Ontario seem to like the guy well enough, but in the West he is an Ontario Premier has been. Time for new blood, not new old blood. Maybe he could win it, but he would not be able to get a lot of Canada interested in him.

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    william smith says:

    “I wouldn’t whizz down his slimy throat if his guts were on fire! C’mon Christina, now’s not the time to bend over, it’s time to dig, dig, dig and find out what else this POS has done under the table besides fondling himself, hence the smarmy smirk!!”

    Just one of the disgusting comments on the sleazy tabloid that pays you Warren. Perhaps you are next by espousing decorum.

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    J.W. (WB) says:

    I don’t understand how people can say he had a right to resign when he wants, but prorogation was evil.

    He could not trust the Opposition to keep his government in power while he was a lame duck for the next few months. And Ministers running for leadership would have to leave the legislature for periods of time. This Opposition could never be trusted to pair off members who would not vote when leadership contenders were absent. You can’t expect a lame duck Premier to take on an election campaign. McGuinty was right, the rancour and poison in the Legislature was too great, no trust left at all.

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    Glen says:

    He basically decided to take his ball and go home.

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    reformatory says:

    No the best column on the runaway preem is

    1. http://www.torontosun.com/2012/10/16/ontario-premier-dalton-mcguinty-resignation-irresponsible-and-self-indulgent

    2. http://www.torontosun.com/2012/10/16/premier-dalton-mcguinty-would-fight-if-he-believed-in-his-plans

    3. http://www.torontosun.com/2012/10/16/wanted-a-premier-with-a-plan

    bottom line: All is not right with a premier who quit one year after being elected. I was angry when Harper Prorogued but this is just as bad. The LG should not allow prorogation for so long. Prorogation is not meant for a party to elect a new leader, Mr. Onley should turn to Hudak or Horwath to form the gov’t. Insanity! What’s the point of having a LT Gov. if Premiers call the wrong shots.

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    steve says:

    May I suggest before he leaves one last legacy. Universal access to cardboad bicyles.

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