10.01.2012 05:02 PM

Trudeau tomorrow: free advice

…which may be worth what he pays for it!


  1. Larry says:

    Justin Trudeau is just one face of the Liberal party, and there are more faces to be heard from for the leadership. I hope Liberals don’t put all their marbles into Justin’s bag because Liberals need to see potential leaders from provinces other than Quebec.

    The optics of two Quebec politicians, one leading the Liberals and the other leading the NDP, is not conducive to winning support in the rest of Canada. Quebec has tilted to the PQ separatists provincially, and that somewhat insults the rest of Canada. Trudeau and Mulcair cannot avoid that insult which makes running nationally problematic.

  2. Glen says:

    Ha ha! Here’s some more free advice: Whatever Mahoney says, do the opposite!

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