11.23.2012 07:03 AM

Albanese supports Pupatello!

Go Sandra go!

Last day to become a member, too!


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    Np says:

    Laura Albanian. LOL Google Translate.

    Seriously though, this is good news for SP. Laura had a very hard time winning that riding in the last election and unfortunately, Dalton was a liability to her as he was not very popular in YSW. If Laura is backing her, it means she sees the same qualities in SP as everyone else seems to be seeing.

    Score another one for Sandra.

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    Chris P says:

    Warren – Today on the radio (103.5) at 8:22 am the host had some horrible things to say about the Ontario Liberal Party and implied that health care was crumbling and they were the cause of it. The host has done this before (his politics are obvious – and that of his station) and I’ve written him letters asking him to keep his political views to himself provided that this is supposed to be a music station. I don’t know what the CRTC license permits to do or not do but if you get a license to play music but talk politics isn’t that a violation of the license? It pisses me off to no end. What if anything can done?

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