11.14.2012 10:02 PM

Hepburn on Pupatello

The sentiments are nice, but to Team Sandra, I say: keep working like you are way, way behind. Work like you’ve never worked on a campaign. Don’t leave anything to chance!

…Indeed, over the last century, all three major parties have generally fared badly in provincial elections when they were headed by leaders who hailed from the city of Toronto or were from their party’s left wing.

The only people to lead their party to victory and become premier while holding a Toronto riding were George Drew (Conservative-High Park) from 1943 to 1948 and Bob Rae (NDP-York South) from 1990 to 1995.

Combined, these facts are a big reason why Sandra Pupatello will likely win the Liberal leadership race to succeed Dalton McGuinty and become Ontario’s next premier.

Historically, the path to success for Liberal leadership contenders has been simple: Play up your outside-of-Toronto roots and appeal to the fiscal business-minded conservatives in the party.

It’s a strategy that McGuinty deployed masterfully in winning the 1996 leadership contest, where his final-ballot opponent was Gerard Kennedy, then a downtown Toronto MP with a background as a food bank organizer.

It’s a strategy that will surely propel Pupatello to victory…


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    Kaplan says:

    I have nothing against Sandra, and certainly no dog in this fight, but the narratives that crop up around candidates are always vexing.

    She has a business background? She’s feisty? It’s these kind of throw-away lines that get me concerned about the way media report on leadership candidates – because you could grant Rob Ford those same attributes.

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      Np says:

      You’re right. They are throw away lines that belie her true character and qualifications. How about this?

      She has a business background: As Minister of Economic Development and Trade (when that’s what the ministry was called), her day to day was comprised of thinking of ways to improve and develop Ontario’s economy and, you know, trade. She want on several trade missions, was a prominent figure in the automotive industry, etc. She was no shrinking violet. When she left, she entered the private sector. She’s an industrial good ol’ boy who happens to be a woman.

      She’s feisty: When Sandra gets up to speak to a crowd, she rarely uses notes, she speaks extemporaneously and with conviction. Her belief in what she says is matched only by her desire to prove her opponents wrong. This energy and strength is exactly what is needed top stop the rising Orange Tide (because lets face it, they’re the biggest threat).

      (Here’s another throwaway) She doesn’t take shit from anyone: If there’s a sound bite floating around in the media that was taken out of context or makes her or her party look bad that happens to be inaccurate, she’ll snuff it out. She won’t shy away from it. She takes inaccurate reporting personally and will confront the issue head on.


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        Kaplan says:

        All lovely points. But here’s the problem: people (like me) who haven’t been blessed by your knowledge read the kind of stuff in the Star, and can only roll their eyes. They’re lame, throw-away lines.

        And by the way, you need to park your hyper-sensitivity. This isn’t an attack on Sandra. It’s a critique of the media and their go-to lines. Your reaction is waay over the top.

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          Np says:

          You misunderstood my reaction, though I can see why. I’m not writing angry at all, I’m actually trying to fill in the blanks left by most main stream media. You’re correct, most media coverage I see make my eyes roll as well. I actually agree with your original point. In fact, come election time, I’d say you’re the target audience. If we assume that my points, as I’ve outlined them, are accurate and correct, how can one reach you with them? How would you want to learn about her?

          (I just read my post again. I did come off as a bit of an SP Fanboy. I’m actually not. While I do think she’s got a lot of redeeming qualities and would make the best leader, my primary concern is that I’m worried about an NDP victory. The Libs are the only ones who can stop it. The Tories are, if you’ll pardon the reference, not up to the job at the moment.)

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            Michael says:

            My uneasy is with Sandra running as the “change” candidate. It just doesn’t seem genuine. How can you be the “change” candidate if you were part of the government and cabinet for 8/9ths of it’s life?

            Her biggest obstacle to winning the leadership is going to be that is isn’t a lot of people’s second choice. She has to win it on the first ballot or someone else comes up the middle.

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            Warren says:

            If anyone else wins, the OLP is heading to defeat. Period.

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          Cath says:


          Uh, no in fact. It doesn’t help her.

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            Np says:

            How so?

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    Joey Rapaport says:


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    ernest lustig says:

    Nobody seems to know whoiis running her campaign

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      Warren says:

      What do you need. Email me directly please.

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