11.30.2012 08:44 AM

Low blow Blatch

I don’t ever like her stuff – she always needs an editor, her stuff could always be tighter, and she is always predictable in her conservative politics – but quite a few folks have brought her latest effort to my attention.

I’m biased, of course: I know all of the people in the complaint against Rob Ford, and I like them a lot.  Clay is one of my lawyers and an old friend.  Without getting into a lot of boring detail, I know quite a bit about the case.

That said, even if I didn’t know and like everyone involved in Magder v. Ford, I’d consider Blatchford’s use of flying quotes, her insinuations, and her swipes at Paul Magder’s wife, pretty despicable.  Fern wasn’t part of the action, at all.  Dragging her into this imagined Vast Left Wing Conspiracy – and her employment, and every petition she’s ever signed – is also despicable.

But like I say, not really surprising.  It’s what she does.



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    Matt says:

    It just smacks of such bizarre desperation. Again, not a surprise coming from Blatch but still… In a weird way I will miss Rob Ford. For the most part I don’t think most Conservatives are crazy people. Not my perspective, but that is fine. Ford was the embodiment though of the worst stereotypes of what Cons have to deal with. The idea that Conservatives are self-aggrandizing, small-minded, sociologically superannuated, selfish, hostile and latently or overtly bigoted. None of which I believe is true and but none of which Ford helped refute. On that side I will miss the mayor and to those defending the indefensible from Blatch to the PM, go for it. It doesn’t hurt me.

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      kenn2 says:

      I also don’t think the Conservative inner circle is “self-aggrandizing, small-minded, sociologically superannuated, selfish, hostile and latently or overtly bigoted.” What I do accuse the Conservative establishment of is being welcoming and wink-wink supportive of such sentiment, in order to gain power. And of backing anyone who could advance the Conservative game-plan.

      Here’s what I don’t get: Ford had the backing and support of the Conservative machine, including the services of their election wunderkind Nick Kouvalis. Where is the brain-trust now? Why didn’t they stick around to stage-manage the Frankenstein mayor they elected? It doesn’t take a PR genius to recognize that this puny $3k donation issue should have been smothered in the crib.

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    Sean says:

    I actually did witness her flat out lie about what a candidate said. Candidate decided not to persue it b/c damage was already done.

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    Reality.Bites says:

    While our society often refers contemptuously to the likes of Mammoliti as rats deserting a sinking ship, there’s really not much to be said in favour of those rats too stupid or stubborn to desert a sinking ship.

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    patrick says:

    Ah Blatchford. Thankfully I will always think of her on the cover of the late and lamented Frank Magazine, her face gnarled in rage with the headline “Mad Cow disease at the National Post”. I think I laughed for a week and it still makes me smile.

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    Pat Carter says:

    In fact, there is a Leftist conspiracy. It is that slow process called ideological subversion, active measures, or psychological warfare – basically, to change the perception of reality of every Canadian so that despite an abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country. It is demoralization par excellence.

    We know Chinese Intelligence is compiling a huge amount of information on individuals who are instrumental in creating public opinion – publishers, editors, journalists, actors, educationalists, professors of political science, MPs, representatives of business circles. These are divided into two groups: those amenable to Chinese policy – they are promoted through media and public opinion manipulation. Those impervious to Communist influence are subjected to character attacks or other active measures.

    NDP MLA Jenny Kwan went predictably ballistic when CSIS’ Richard Fadden “spoke of concerns about agents of influence” – no matter that is an open secret that Chinese Intelligence is cultivating a vast network of informants. Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

    Marxist Ellen Wood, partner of leftist godfather Ed Broadbent, writes in “Marxism Without Class Struggle”: “Maoist doctrine, with its insistence on keeping in touch with the masses, its attack on bureaucratic ossification, its mass line, and its Cultural Revolution seemed to satisfy the deepest anti-statist and democratic impulses…After all, if there is any kind of revolution that intellectuals can lead, surely it must be a ‘cultural’ one.”

    Leftist Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson has stated: “You can be critical of lots of regimes around the world and you can question how worthwhile democracy is in a lot of countries right now. That’s where you see the Chinese government taking radical, dramatic action in investing in turning the ship around and you don’t see that in Western governments right now, democratically elected, because they’re afraid. The progress in China, where they don’t have to worry about elections, is quite breathtaking” (CBC).

    Pierre Trudeau’s public admiration of Red China in general and passionate defense of Mao in particular, is well documented. Alexandre Trudeau tried to bolster his Marxist street cred when he wrote, “I grew up knowing that Fidel Castro had a special place among my family’s friends.” Some analysts submit that “Sacha” is under the spell of the Castros and is a pawn of Cuban Intelligence. Certainly, the Castros and CI still believe and practice active measures as a means to overthrow the “gringo imperialists.”

    It is a very long list of modern day fellow travellers and useful idiots – including these dreary activist types. And of course, rightest/corporatist elements have fulfilled Orwell’s prophetic writings – the pigs are indeed walking on hind legs as the powers-that-be scramble to export every last job to the gulag-style “workshop of the world” and sell off every Canadian natural resource. A dullard Mayor, a cantankerous hunt n peck journalist – just more diversionary tactics to embolden a brainwashed “progressive” milieu. And vice versa. Divide and conquer, exploit all, then liquidate all on the road to Year Zero, Canadian style. The almost total and universal idiocy of this Nation sickens me.

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      Jon Adams says:

      Huh. The inevitable truth finally permeates my thick wage-slave skull: public figures try to sway public opinion for their own benefit! What an eye-opener.

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