11.24.2012 08:41 AM

Pupatello is a winner

…meanwhile, Team Hair and Teeth© is heard from. For your reading entertainment.


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    Mark says:

    I have no doubt that Mr Kinsella is right about the party establishment’s opinion of Mr Kennedy. Quite frankly, I’m not all that impressed by Mr Kennedy’s Harold Stassen routine either. But the thing is, the OLP still uses a delegated convention for their leadership selection. And while delegated conventions give the party establishment more control than they ought to have, delegated conventions can still have a life of their own.

    Michael Bryant may be radioactive (politically,) but he’s still right about delegated conventions.

    Do I think GK can win the leadership? I’d be surprised, but then Stephane Dion (remember him? Trying to forget?) surprised a lot of people. Do I think that GK will bring enough delegates to the convention to be a potential king maker? Only a fool would doubt it; and whatever else I have to say about Mr Kinsella, he’s clearly not a fool. (Which is why, of course, I read his blog.)

    Do you really want to help Sandra’s campaign? Learn to play nice with all of the other candidates, including The Evil Who’s Name Shall Not Be Spoken.

    It’ll make things easier when it comes time to beg.

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      Warren says:

      Thanks. But I’ve made clear many times that, if Sandra doesn’t win, I’m sitting out the next election.

      I’m not interested in heading to second spot, or worse.

      I’m sure they’ll find someone to run the war room. But it won’t be me.

      Sandra or bust.

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      Josef says:

      I read your link. Pupatello’s not a gaffe machine; she speaks straight, shoots straight. Best of the best.

      If she goes down, Warren’s out and I’m adios amigo. Pupatello will probably get her job back at PriceWaterHouse Coopers and start shopping for a Ferrari while these other guys worry about saving their severance.

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    Del says:

    GK would be a disaster for the OLP…he must never be forgiven for taking that walk past Bob Rae to Dion in Montreal !!
    Imagine how much better things would have been… shame !

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