11.01.2012 08:03 AM

Rogers is the worst company on Earth. Don’t use them for anything.

Wait until you hear the recording I made of my lengthy dealings with them, just concluded.

Just wait.


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    Mr. Murdoch esq says:

    A local Rogers Store told us that the Poppy Box we put in their store was to be removed and it was a corporate policy not to have Poppy Boxes in their stores. So an 80 year old veteran had to go over and remove it. I was directly involved with this.

    I made a complaint to the Rogers Ombudsman. I got the Poppy Box back in the store within an hour or two. The Ombudsman said that after his/her investigation there is no such corporate policy.

    I requested a Poppy Donation from them as a token of their apology and so far they havent responded to my invitation. 100% of Poppy Donations goes directly to Veterans care-all of it, and it is strictly monitored.

    Nice tribute to those who sacrificed themselves on the alter of freedom eh!?

    So ya, they are a shit hole company with a shit attitude, and they need a giant defuckulator to fix themselves.

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      smelter rat says:

      Heh. “giant defuckulator”….I’m going to use that a lot from now on.

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        Np says:

        Either they fuck you now or ‘dey-fuck-u-later’. LOL….
        I’ll see myself out.

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    Greg says:

    Acanac kicks ass. I recently switched, myself. They do cable and dsl. Great rates and no download caps, either. They’re perfect if you’re into replacing your cable tv with something like AppleTV or Netflix. And, living in the GTA, you can get a good selection of channels gratis with a good HD antenna. Although, you have said many times you don’t watch tv. Maybe you should start, just to stick it to Rogers.

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    Laurel West says:

    I’m not clear they could beat Air Canada (they actually made me cry last time), or Bell, who terrorized my elderly mother over a bill that wasn’t even in her name but mine. Forgive me for sounding unpatriotic but there is better customer service in mainland China.

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      Michael Reintjes says:

      So True….Air Canada and Bell are also complete gong shows…..I am able to stomach Rogers…for now..

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    Matt says:

    I don’t think there is anyone who has had a service through them that doesn’t feel the same. If it weren’t such a monopoly that is usually a problem.

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    Patrice Boivin says:

    Whew! Good thing I don’t have a cell phone, don’t want to pay exorbitant ISP rates for next to no service.
    When will be able to use Japanese cell phones in Canada? (e.g. http://mb.softbank.jp/en/products/sharp/106sh.html) with 42 mbps throughput, 13 mpx camera, or the http://mb.softbank.jp/en/products/sharp/107sh.html with a radiation detector.


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    KP says:

    Canadian telecom companies are truly the worst on the planet.

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    Massimo Savino says:

    Been on Teksavvy for the last 4 years, after 3 years of fruitless work to stay on Bell’s dryloop DSL.

    Gave up on Rogers back when they used to run cable services in Western Canada; not at all surprised to hear they haven’t changed in 13 years.

    I have a longstanding background in Linux, and when I went over to TS it was like the heavens had opened up – they tend to be like highly technical Apple Store staffers; they will happily geek out with you if you are so inclined, but they only turn that on when needed, otherwise they’re very friendly and knowledgeable without the condescension or ego. Their expansion over the last couple of years has ended up with a somewhat diminished client service focus (they now do cable and DSL, reselling on Rogers / Bell lines) but they’re still miles better than the big two.

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    !o! says:

    Bell is worse. don’t even get me started on bell. oh god. I’m angry typing this out already.

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    Brad says:

    I have been very happy with Rogers after switching from Bell 5 years ago.

    When you call, you most often speak to someone in Canada with Rogers, with Bell it’s India.

    Sorry, I don’t want to speak to someone in India.

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    Kelly says:

    Here’s an idea… New legislation says all the cell phone companies get to use everyone else’s towers — just like everyone uses everyone’s land lines. Everyone has the same network so companies compete on price and service. A federal wireless infrastructure tax is added to your bill to cover maintenance and expansion of the network. On the prairies here, cell networks are spotty. There are already sharing agreements between companies like MTS and Rogers and Sasktel and Bell. Make everyone share. The market is not working right now.

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    Jon Adams says:

    Anyone who clowns on Saskatchewan is obviously unaware that we have a lovely little crown corp out here called Sasktel that provides an alternative to the big 3. Brad Wall may be a small-c anti-labour conservative, but he is one savvy pragmatist, and I don’t think Sasktel is going anywhere.

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    Stefan says:

    Virgin is owned by Bell and Koodo is owned by Telus. Wind is the reduced ass-raping option.

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    Stefan says:

    Boycott the Big Three (Telus, Rogers, and Bell) and we can help the alternatives thrive! Also be sure to check before you buy as many smaller companies, such as Koodo, Virgin, Solo, Fido, Vidéotron, etc. are owned by the Big Three (or in the latter case, by Quebecor).

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    Chris Clarke says:

    Hi Warren, this is Chris from the @RogersHelps team. Whatever the issue, we’d like to help. Could you please email me at the address I’ve provided with my comment and we’ll get things sorted out ASAP? Thanks!

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    Patrick says:

    Post it now, Warren!

    Having lived through an identical (I`m just certain) hell numerous times, I know EXACTLY what it`s going to be like! There`s always a low baseline of customer service expected from Robbers, but they always find a way to plumb new depths. They`re the Jacques Cousteau of client relations. They`re so low they`re like one of those bioluminescent fish!

    Post it now!

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    bluegreenblogger says:

    Welcome to the joys of regulated industry. They should all be broken up, into small regions and de-integrated. They are regulated because their networks make up a ‘natural’ monopoly. Regulated rates of return etc ( what a joke that is! Like we are supposed to believe that Rogers, Telus, and Bell earn a ‘fair rate of return’ of 9% or 10%?). They have naturally captured their regulator the CRTC, so they do not have to give a toss about serving their customers, their future depends on co-opting their regulator. Let the natural monopoly of owning a network be regulated, but forbid extending that power into downstream services. If the cable network earned their profits based upon usage of the network, then they would be pushing for as competetive a consumer martket as possible to drive up volumes. Instead, they want to optimise downstream profits and use their Oligopoly to contain and own the entire communications and data transmission market. ANYBODY who has dealt with Bell or Rogers knows wherof I speak. Totally incomprehensible pricing ‘plans’. Double speak and opaque ‘policies’. Customer service that is better called dis-service. (press 8 for another recorded menu) They all move in lockstep, pretending ‘competition’ while they coincidentally charge the worlds highest charges for their services. They are all bastards squeezing us by the balls.

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    Ben says:

    I cancelled my cable back in Oct.2012 but who ever was in charge never processed the request so every month until now Feb.2013 I was charged for cable and I had to call for a credit,,, wasting my time and get frustrated!!and every month they said the same thing that this would be the last time and next bill will be fixed,after 3 month of empty promises I get my bill in Jan. and guess what,,,I am charged again and this time I demanded to to talk to a manager and he said that my cable was just cancelled as of Jan.2013 and our system shows that you only had a “discussion” when you phone the first time…wow..I just had enough of this!!!now i am going to cancel my phone and internet with Rogers too!!!Bell is even worst,don’t get me even started on that!!! ,, so I am looking for another provider for internet and phone,maybe smaller companies better service!!

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