11.15.2012 05:29 PM

Sandra Pupatello’s web site

Live! Right here!

Oh, and here she is with some guy from Toronto this afternoon:


  1. Houland Wolfe says:

    Mitt Romney?

  2. Young K. Kim says:

    I hope he’ll be able to be a great supporter for Sandra to be “the leader.”
    From Korean Society of Windsor

  3. Young K. Kim says:

    I look forward to her excellence in terms of creating jobs along with her insight into internationalism.

  4. sal says:

    I think we need to bring Warren back to scare off the dinosaurus harperitises which have invaded Ottawa and euthanized democracy! They would like to bury democracy but Canadians will revive and regenerate Canada as a RepublicéDemocracy rather as a Dominion.

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