11.28.2012 10:29 AM

The folks at this morning’s event

Talked about comms, politics, you name it. Now that I’ve put their picture up, they all need to go buy Fight The Right!



  1. tom simpson says:

    Picture was posted
    on Nov 10, 2011, but the editorial reference suggests the event could have occurred during the prior week.

  2. tom simpson says:

    The other picture on Twitter – that you have received – is most likely the same event.

    PMSH spoke at Tim Horton’s in respect of Tim Horton’s success and then took his tie off and served a young 10 year old boy.

    Therefore my response to you was a full 2 hours faster and the picture I have submitted is earlier in time (not by much mind you).

  3. tom simpson says:

    I am prepared to assume that the other person does not follow your blog, therefore I can answer the question you asked them:

    “year?” – they have after all had almost an hour:

    Just look at the link they sent you – it is in the media file for 2011 and is picture 0401.

  4. tom simpson says:

    THE ORIGINAL POST IS 2009 – NOT 2011


    THE PICTURE FROM TWITTER IS IN FACT April 1, 2011 and is from New Brunswick.

    my bad

  5. tom simpson says:

    Linda Andross ‏@APEXLinda
    @kinsellawarren has a standing offer of $1k if anyone has a pic of Stephen Harper at a Tim Horton’s (good till 2014) #iabctoronto
    Retweeted by Warren Kinsella

    In that you retweeted this, and I suggest confirmed the truth and accuracy of the tweet, and it is the tweet I relied on and responded to, a subsequent tweet not retweeted, I respectfully suggest does not alter the offer and the completed acceptance.

    If you are at QP tonight we can talk – it has been fun.

    • Warren says:

      You guys are all nutty! Certified, provable pic of him at a Tim’s before 2004.

      Good luck.

      • tom simpson says:

        A noble effort to delete the retweet – I saved it at 12:38 and sent it to others, so it is captured.

        I said I had fun – it could have been settled for a beer and a book (I in fact have the others -signed) and your response is to call me nutty – mild compared to what others have said.

        • Warren says:

          Holy oversensitive Batman! I was poking fun at everyone, here. Jesus.

          What tweet are you talking about? And what are you talking about, to put a fine point on it?

  6. tom simpson says:

    “What tweet”? The one that you have replied to twice – however to ensure that I was clear – please see reread my comment to you of 3:15 pm today above.

    I surrender – not that you have won or will in the future – but this has now become boring.

    • Warren says:

      Hey, Tom, I have no idea what you are going on about, and nor do I have the time to research it. Nor do I need snottiness from a total stranger.

      If you don’t like it here, beat it.

  7. Greg Thomas says:

    It’s an interesting intellectual exercise to move beyond this right – left dichotomy. For example, the left/liberal policy of uncritical multiculturalism has actually turned Canada rightwards. In the last election, the Cons understood this and targeted key “ethnic” blocs accordingly – they responded, seeing much more of themselves in the stern, clerical Harper than the modern, cosmopolitan Ignatieff. Conversely, the Cons policy of unhybridized laissez-faire allows them to sit down Communist dictators without shame. Hitler and Stalin sign a treaty. Then are mortal enemies. Then the Soviets and the Americans carve up what’s left of the SS for themselves. Beyond the gloss of party, ideology, Power is Power.

    Political landscapes dissolve … a place where the masses elevate fools into rich heroes… Bukowski

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