11.14.2012 07:15 AM

Toronto needs a mayor

…and here’s one.


  1. Tim Sullivan says:

    If it comes with free housing, she’s in.

    I’m wondering what people see in her as a politician.

    • Christian says:

      What did/do people see in Rob Ford as a politician? Or Stephan Harper? If she runs I’ll support her. I just hope its only a two person race.

  2. Mike B says:

    Sorry but I would support Adam Vaughan for mayor over Olivia Chow and day.

    • Warren says:

      And Day? Stockwell Day?

    • Adam Vaughn is the worst demagogue on council – he is the yin to Doug Ford’s yang. Good grief. The only thing Adam Vaughn cares about is Adam Vaughn. You are talking about a guy with a $50 million war chest of developer fees that he dispenses like a new Robert Mugabe.

      There was a reasonable, adult, centre-right candidate for mayor last election…Rocco Rossi. Umm, oh wait. That might touch a nerve.

      • patrick says:

        Proudly Regressive — Adamantly Ignorant? Ah, tomato/tamato!
        Where is Vaughan’s war chest and where do you find that made up number? If Vaughan has a war chest then the money from developers that has been earmarked for local improvements has been wildly misappropriated and Vaughan and any other councillor doing the same should find themselves in court.
        But that’s not the case, this is just a wishful fantasy with no proof. If there was a hint that this war chest existed, it would be a Sue Ann Levy wet dream, and a Sun headline for the next decade.
        Demagogue? Vaughan? You really think that Vaughan leads by appealling to people’s emotions and prejidices?
        Right. He got elected on a platform of “billions in gravy and scum sucking unions”.
        Rob Ford got elected quoting Descartes.
        (I’d pay to watch Ford attempt to quote Descartes. If only to watch Ford’s brain ooze out his ears from the effort)
        (Yeah, I know that’s mean.)

        • That figure actually does come from Sue Ann Levy, since you bring up her name. Perhaps in your mind then that disqualifies it as fact, because it’s not a source with any left wing sympathies.

          As for the rest of your little rant… well done, you know how to look up the definition of demagogue. Yes, Adam Vaughn does in fact play to prejudices and emotions, albeit those of the condo-dwelling downtown white liberal elitists; but I guess when that’s your constituency the motives can only be interpreted as pure and enlightened.

          Since when does a leader need to quote Descartes? I think you’ve mistaken me for a Ford fan – I’m not. But Adam Vaughn, Gord Perks et al…. much much worse as an option for leading this City because they are divorced from reality.

          PS – I am thrillled that my moniker gets so much attention in responses. Success.

  3. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    She would be a better mayor. But as said above, so would anyone.

    After years of the Ford circus, I think Torontonians will want a rational, somewhat dull, even boring, but reliable administrator to steer the ship. Someone like (shudder) Art Eggleton or (better) David Crombie.

  4. Michael says:

    Doris Day 🙂

  5. Merrill Smith says:

    And if she runs it opens a seat in TO for a star Liberal. Maybe WK himself?

  6. Houland Wolfe says:

    I hope that Olivia stays at the federal level where she and Justin Trudeau can shine as very credible members of a Mulcair cabinet. Rob Ford has demonstrated that being Mayor is less powerful than directing policy at the federal level.

  7. bza says:

    Even though I don’t live in Toronto anymore, having a competent mayor of Canada’s biggest city is important for the country as a whole. Who are the leaders of our big cities is important, just look at Calgary is better perceived with Nenshi in there compared to Ford in Toronto. He’s a joke, even here in Alberta.

    With that being said Chow would fit the bill. She is well received both in Toronto and across the country. I would miss her federal presence and the chance she may be a possible Cabinet Minister in the future, but Toronto needs someone people can rally around as a candidate with a broad base of appeal. That was allowed Ford to win partially, neither Smitherman or Patalone had that much broad-based appeal.

  8. Tim Sullivan says:

    Rob Ford’s niece, Doug’s daughter, Krista Ford. Sure, there’s the football stuff, the don’t know nothing about civics stuff, and the qualification that she has some kind of bar tender service certificate. But if any monkey can run City Hall from a radio station, I think Krista can run it from a t.v. studio. Maybe even Sun TV. They appear to put almost anyone on there.

      • Tim Sullivan says:

        That’s where I was going, but you didn’t make that a Sandra rule.

        I was watching some about the by-election (for Oda’s seat) and support for vets, hosted by a guy named Adler. He was PO’d by a sign a Liberal put up, alleged JT planned it, brought in the “Soldiers with Guns” Paul Martin ad for some reason, somehow green camo in Afghanistan was made relevant again 12 yrs later. I’m just surprised there was no threats against the UN from the guy.

        I felt I needed a shower after watching it. I don’t know how you do it.

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