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Blatchford: native leader is a terrorist

Jesus. This is a bloody disgrace. A “terrorist”? Seriously?

I know it’s a columnist’s job to be provocative. But that doesn’t mean you are also given a licence to be a dishonest, native-hating bigot.

Which Blatchford, too often, is.

39 Responses to “Blatchford: native leader is a terrorist”

  1. Michael S says:

    Please. She’s being subtle. Sun Media’s talking points are that she is a corrupt criminal embezzling terrorist.

    • Warren says:

      Sun commenters? Don’t get me started.

      • Michael S says:

        Future Chair of the Senate Standing Committee On National Security and Defence Christine Blatchford will serve as a Pavlovian reminder to the Keep To The Script Kids at Sun Media that a comfortable dotage is assured if they stay on message.

        • Ted B says:

          Um, she’s not at Sun Media. She’s at the National Post.

          • bluegreenblogger says:

            Uh, there is a difference? They seem pretty well interchangable to me. They both regurgitate the PMO`s pap. They both (are failing to) earn a living confirming their readerships bigotted beliefs. They are both staffed by columnists dreaming of Conservative appointments to the Senate. I guess the National Post does not have as many comics and scantily clad girlie pictures though, so I perhaps there is a big difference after all.

          • Ted B says:

            That may all be true.

            But the biggest difference between Sun Media and Postmedia is that, well, one is Sun Media and the other is Postmedia.

  2. Troy says:

    I’d argue Blatchford’s crusade against First Nations protestors, and the visible anger and hatred she stirs up in her devoted readers in a single column, is closer to terrorism than whatever Chief Spence might ever do in her entire life.

  3. VC says:

    So between meals should I be worried that I’ll be considered a terrorist?

  4. Swervin' Merv says:

    Had the same gut reaction, Warren, when reading Blatchford this morning. When did she shift from being a more subtly opinionated crime reporter to being an obnoxious commentator in the Postmedia stable?

  5. que sera sera says:

    “The inevitable puffery and horse manure” flowing like dysentery from Blatchford’s keyboard appears to be classic conservative crap. Read that shit & then go take a shower.

    Understand that people like Braydon Mazurkiewich are only the tip of the Conservative iceberg of bigotry towards First Nations. Understand why the Conservatives repealed sections of the Human Rights Act banning hate speech on the Internet (http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/06/07/tories-repeal-sections-of-human-rights-act-banning-hate-speech-over-telephone-or-internet/)

    The party apparatchiks are doing their best to ensure that free speech, social conscience & simple humanity are trumped by bigotry, ignorance & venality.

  6. Domenico says:

    And to cap it all off by referring to Bobby Sands as stupid is just an extra addition to a steaming pile of drivel.

    • Ottawa civil servant says:

      STUPID: (Wikipedia) On his release from prison in 1976, he returned to his family home in West Belfast, and resumed his active role in the Provisional IRA’s cause. He was charged with involvement in the October 1976 bombing of the Balmoral Furniture Company in Dunmurry, although he was never convicted of this charge, the presiding judge stating that there was no evidence to support the assertion that Sands had taken part.[16] After the bombing, Sands and at least five others were alleged to have been involved in a gun battle with the Royal Ulster Constabulary, although due to lack of evidence, Sands was not convicted. Leaving behind two of their wounded friends, Seamus Martin and Gabriel Corbett, Sands, Joe McDonnell, Seamus Finucane, and Sean Lavery tried to make their escape in a car, but were apprehended. Later, one of the revolvers used in the attack was found in the car in which Sands had been travelling.[17] His trial in September 1977 saw him being convicted of possession of firearms (the revolver from which the prosecution alleged bullets had been fired at the RUC after the bombing) and Sands was sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment within HM Prison Maze, also known as Long Kesh.

  7. bigcitylib says:

    Actually, the C Cosh blog at Macleans seems to intimidate that the whole Spence hunger strike thing is as put-up job. That MAY beat out the Blatch piece for loathsomeness.

    • Adam says:

      My concern is less about the columnists and more about how many people agree with them. I’m guess the majority of the Canadian public, or else Harper would be meeting Theresa Spence in a heartbeat.

  8. Mauserman says:

    Maybe she know about what happened at Caledonia, you know what the Liberals failed to stop.

    • bluegreenblogger says:

      Wow! what a clever and telling point! And I bet you thought that one up all by yourself, with only the teensiest bit of help anyway. Good for you! Go get em tiger!

  9. Mike Woods says:

    The great irony is that to the Corporatist Cartel/Chinese Communist Party, both Aboriginals and native born Canadians are considered troublesome redundancies and are slated for marginalization and/or liquidation. Divide and conquer – pretty standard operating procedure. Then pack in the temporary foreign workers – much more docile and servile and easily handled. Warren and Blatchie like all good mercenaries will keep cranking out whatever the public relations counsel has mandated – in this case manufacturing racial tension. Maybe fire up a some riots, let the riot police get some practice in, show em who’s boss, pinpoint the trouble makers. See you in hell vultures.

  10. Bruce A says:

    Yeah, well anyone challenging anything is a terrorist for the likes of Blatchford. She’s just become white noise, comforting for those refined racists on the National Pest Comments Section and annoying to the rest of us. End result is she puts people off or asleep about the issue. Rope-a-dope is her strategy.

  11. kitt says:

    Hey Muserman, there is a bright object over there that the Liberals put there for your entertainment.

  12. Art says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

  13. Mary says:

    I believe in free speech and would die to defend if need be. But in this case it’s not free speech it’s hate speech, it’s hurtful and it’s derogatory. Everyone should be allowed to say whatever they want in a free, open and democratic society. But if what you say causes hurt and harm it should be banned. You can’t yell “fire” in a crowed movie theatre cause it would cause panic and harm to someone.

  14. the salamander hordes says:

    I think Ms Blatchford would love to take that shrill lumpy revealing effort back …
    I’ve at times reviewed my own humble writing, opinion.. comment
    immediately felt awkward, concerned, way off base… opinionated
    selected ‘all’ and hit the delete button (whew !)

    We all achieve our ‘not finest moment’.. or exceed our best before date
    But .. for whatever reason, not a good Blatchford message, not acceptable

    Ms Blatchford.. best you examine your conscience..
    There’s seems a deep crack there … an area of vague or colonial ethics ..

    I’ll do the same… examine what resonates to me

  15. Mary says:

    But Warren, what if the silent majority of Canadians oppose Chief Spence and the Idle No More demonstrations, believing it’s just another way of getting Billions more from the federal government all at the expense of the Canadian taxpayer? Perhaps the general feeling is enough is enough and fix the problem through better management rather than pouring money down the hole.

  16. Andy says:

    I’m not seriously versed in Ms. Blatchford’s columns, as I don’t generally read too many columnists by byline. I read this one, and it seemed regular-like. The worrisome thing that just occurred to me during an Interweb search is that the piece of legislation that she’s protesting / willing to discussed, has been through 3 readings and a Senate approval. And royal assent.

    WTH – is the chief figuring that with a hunger strike and a DeLorean, we can stop this legislation ?

  17. JH says:

    I hardly think one column is the real culpirt or the Chief much of an issue in the long run.
    I do think that many governments of all stripes have created this situation over many years.
    The current drama-fest by Idle No More and politicians meeting or not meeting with one chief are not going to solve this.
    I doubt Canadians as a whole have little patience for those on any ‘side’ of this issue.
    They’re probably saying a pox on all your houses.
    Most would likely approve of a solution that settled age-old grievances, while providing a full and open public accounting of where the taxpayers dollars were being spent.

    • Ted B says:

      Well, the money has been fully accounted for. Over and over. That’s a red herring, though I agree people probably are not paying enough attention and are only hearing conservative talking points on “what happened to all that money?”.

      And you may doubt Canadians as a whole have little patience for those on any ‘side’ of this issue, until we have another media story that actually shows what living there is like and Canadians rally around the idea of actually doing something about it and their frustration with the government peaks again.

      Until the next news cycle.

  18. jermey says:

    Canada has treated their First Nations People horribly. Clearly we own them as much as they want. If the Chief dies from her hunger strike then the federal government is to blame and should be sued. The white person took their land and put them in residential schools where they were sexually molested by white men. We, as a nation, must give them more money so that they can assimilate and keep their Indian heritage.

    • Bill says:

      Nurie is that you?

    • smelter rat says:

      Your rant is too disjointed to comment on. My advice? Stay in school, junior.

      • kitt says:

        Ahhhhhhhhhh the CON argument…. cannot address the issues, hence out with the ole ad hominem.

        • Bill says:

          The issue is accountability and lack of good management. Not enough money is not the issue.

          Why would the federal government be responsible if the Chief died? She is making the decision and therefore is responsible for the outcome. She is at the “municipal” level and should not even be involved in any meetings at the “Federal” level.

          Jeremy writes we should give more money so that they can assimilate……is he serious? No one wants assimilation, Fist Nations should not be forced or bribed into assimilation.

          The solution is for all (not just some) Fist Nations leaders to be held accountable for the distribution of money. Each leader should be educated in this task and continually upgrade skills. Eventually, taxpayer money should be replaced by money that is produced by First Nations.

          The Federal government also needs to radically change some policies that will enable First Nations to become economically sustainability and fully self sufficient.

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  20. [...] face on billboards (when they shouldn’t), and letting her write whatever the Hell she wants (when they shouldn’t). On the rare occasions when I am tricked into reading one of Blatchford’s cop-loving, [...]

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