12.27.2012 11:47 AM

North Van: there ain’t no white stuff here!

Morning conference calls now complete, I offer my fellow Easterners a view of Bjorn and Bab’s backyard. No snow in BC, kids!



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    frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:


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    Jymn says:

    Just a lot of white people.

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    Bill Jasmine says:

    Does the Liberal Party have any grasp of public relations?:

    For the exact same reason there should be a “no name, no face” policy with psycho killers, the press should adopt a no name, no face policy with hunger strikers – in the context of Aboriginal society, where youth suicide is epidemic, this is a horrible and potentially disastrous example to set.

    Further, there has been no critique of Religion; when the Prime Minister said, “Most (residential) schools were operated as “joint ventures” with Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian or United churches,” it should have initiated the end of tax-free status for these Churches and a liquidation of their assets to pay for reparations (one notes that none of the oft maligned sects of Manning, Day, and Harper are included in this list). Why should a twenty-something with huge students loans or a working-poor immigrant be taxed while these religious organizations enjoy tax-free status and huge capital reserves?

    Further, while the Trudeaus try to leverage this incident to attack the Prime Minister, one notes that they continue to support the Catholic Church and defend Pierre’s infamous white paper that called for total assimilation of Aboriginals. Total hypocrisy.

    The expectation that Aboriginal leaders should have open and transparent accounting, especially when it is self-evident that only a trickle of capital/resources is reaching the most needy and vulnerable on reserves, is completely rational and humanitarian – this is what is driving policy change. The deep corruption of the Aboriginal powers-that-be is the root cause of much of our current trouble. If Trudeau and Garneau want to whore themselves for an easy photo-op and risk further youth suicides and/or racial conflict, they too should be marginalized. This is not how a true leaders think or behave.


    ps: get down to Hastings and Main for burst of reality ~

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    dave says:

    I am in Northeast BC.
    You are full of snow!

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    Don says:

    It is Babz, I think — or at least Babs’ (not Bab’s). either way, she’s a great gal!

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    Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    Splendid back yard pic with Full Regalia Evergreen Glory !!

    Time permitting … Please be sure to pop over + pop-in to “The Salmon House On The Hill” In West Van :


    I’d really love to get your well-informed Mystery Shopper rating of their Customer Satisfaction overall score on a scale of 1 – 7 (seven high) .

    A Very Happy NEW YEAR to YOU … W.K.

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