12.13.2012 02:05 PM

Pupatello’s economic vision

Just got back from her speech to a packed house at the Economic Club of Canada.  It was really, really good.  Tory friends came up to me and said they now plan to vote for her, no less.

You can read it here.  And you should.


  1. Chris says:

    Now that Kennedy has come out against Bill 115, what direction is the Pupatello camp going to take on this?

    (Keeping in mind that there are many teachers that are still members of local riding associations and will have an influence on delegate selection)

    • tfalcone86 says:

      The teachers I know that are part of my riding association are voting for Pupatello. All of em’, a whole whack of em’. But I suppose that’s rural Ontario for you!

  2. Stew B says:

    No mention of anything to address the economic challenges in northeastern and northwestern Ontario. but the rest reads well.

  3. Cath says:

    I don’t think Pupatello would be easily bullied by the teacher on local riding assns. That Kennedy is the outlier on Bill115 so far should tell you something though.

  4. Winona says:

    Sex sells … cars and politics.

  5. Bloody Bounder says:

    Pupatello has some very good economic policies, but as a Trudeau Liberal, I will
    most likely be backing Kennedy. I am also against Bill 115.

    I believe that the OLP needs to move back to its historic social-liberal position
    under David Peterson. As Warren has correctly pointed out here before, the main
    electoral threat facing the OLP is the Horwath ONDP. I know many lifelong OLP
    supporters who have defected en mass to the ONDP as the McGuinity OLP has
    moved further to the right-wing of the political spectrum and has embraced

    Pupatello would make an excellent OLP leader and Ontario Premier, and job creation
    is very important, BUT, where are her policies on the environment, the poor, the
    homeless, the mentally ill, those with drug and alcohol addictions, single mothers
    living in poverty, urban dwellers, students, users of public transit, recent immigrants,

    Pupatello should shore up her left flank by proposing the introduction of a
    new landlord-tenant act which better protects tenants from evictions when
    so many have lost their jobs during the current recession through no fault of
    their own. Pupatello should also seriously consider extending OHIP to give
    every Ontarian very basic dental coverage, which would be a huge vote
    winner for sure. Raising the minimum wage, protecting home owners from
    evictions when they are unable to make the mortgage payments due to job
    losses, boosting Ontario Works (welfare) and Ontario Disability Support
    Payments (disability) by at least the annual cost of inflation (a whole sale
    reversal of Mike Harris’ 1995 22% cut for welfare and disability would be
    even better) as well as investing more money into public transit would be
    good ways to keep the Horwath ONDP at bay.

    In the never ending race for the coveted “middle class vote”, both Ontario
    Liberals and Conservatives alike would do well to remember that the wealthy
    and poor are also both voters and taxpayers. The Province of Ontario also has
    an ever growing number of visible minorities, recent immigrants (150,000 each
    and every year come to Ontario from other countries), renters, uses of public
    transit, urban dwellers, and homeless people. All of these groups are growing
    demographics. So in sum, its not only what middle class, suburban, propertied,
    car owning, tax hating, and usually WHITE PEOPLE want anymore. Obama won
    the recent election in part due to the fact that the African-American, Hispanic-
    American, Asian-American, student, renter, urban, immigrant, and public
    transit voters backed him. Romney and the GOP lost in part due to the fact
    that their voting base was by and large made up of middle class, suburban,
    propertied, car owning, tax hating WHITE PEOPLE…

    An OLP which moves to the left of the political spectrum during the next
    election with populist vote winning socio-economic proposals which help
    women, visible minorities, recent immigrants, the working poor, renters,
    city dwellers, and uses of public transit will surely win. An OLP that
    primarily focuses on competing with the Ontario PC Party for the rural
    redneck and Bay Street boardroom vote, quite frankly deserves to lose
    hands down to the ONDP.

  6. Cynical says:

    Interesting ideas she has, and at least she has ideas, unlike the Ontario Conservatives. (I refuse to use the term Progressive Conservative when referring to them.)

    Would Ms Pupatello introduce right-to-work legislation in an effort to make Ontario competitive with Michigan?

    I personally don’t see it but I didn’t see Bill 115 coming, either.

  7. Kevin says:

    The speech was full of cliches and with a $15 billion deficit, the next premier of whatever party will have no choice but to shrink gov’t.

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