12.05.2012 09:05 AM

Rob Ford: not news

My friends Clay Ruby and Paul Magder have already agreed to the stay.  So why is today’s hearing in any way news?

(Swear to God, some days, I think I am totally missing things.  Is there a reason why dozens of reporters and camerafolks are crammed in a courtroom this morning, tweeting and reporting on something whose outcome is already known?)


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    Peter says:

    well, it’s obvious, isn’t it?
    The Left needs to come out of this looking like blood thirsty jackals.
    Not people of reason and understand the meaning of give and take.

    No, this is to be viewed as a huge victory on the part of the “victim”, one Rob Ford, he’s taking on the Left single handed through the law and order of the courts…he is the white knight in shining armour…the court is on his side!! The last court decision was a Left Wing Conspiracy…EVIL!!!….

    Besides, it’s an easy story to cover…show up…turn the camera on…get the decision…get a clip…send it in…go for a beer…feeling like a “journalist”

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      Stew B says:

      Are you serious Peter? Evil Left Wing Conspiracy? Do us all a favour and show us you can read and interpret the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.

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        Peter says:

        Hey Stew B.

        Chill Bro…like as in…one big deep breath, aided by a glass of Toronto tap water mixed with a bromide…I was cynically mimicking the Right Wing’s take on Ford’s little “stay”…in otherwords…the Right doesn’t want a show of empathy and consideration from the Left…steals their self aggrandizing “thunder” (more like a flaccid belch due to week old gravy)…it doesn’t fit the neocon script.

        sheesssshhhh…wow…some people should take a step back.

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          Jim Hanna says:

          Obviously some people are sarcasm-impaired. This affliction affects thousands of Canadians daily. You can help; one small donation can help buy tickets to comedy shows; or Rick Mercer DVD’s. These small efforts can help even the most taciturn and serious. Please, give generously.

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          Stew B says:

          Apology Pete… went over my head…. blood glucose must have been over the red-line. 🙂

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    Kelly says:

    We live in a world of Honey Boo-boo, Dance Moms, Hillbilly Hand Fishing, Billy the Exterminator and breathless reports about Kate’s morning sickness…North America is a walking talking trash heap…why WOULDN’T you expect the media to cover this?

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    portage & main says:

    I think there was some question about whether the judge would agree to the stay. If nothing else it was a chance for all the media to turn on their equipment one more time and squeeze a bit more life out of this story.

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      Warren says:

      There was none. None. The entire bar is wondering whey there were even submissions. Only explanation is she wanted to get her name in the paper.

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        Steven says:

        I am waiting for the Fordisaurs to crow that they “won” in court today.

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    Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    YOU HAVE MY FULL EMPATHY W.K. … Unfortunately there is No NEWS Today … At Least NO Political News.

    Then Again, How Can There Be Anything News Worthy with the prevailing Idiot-CON Monopoly …

    1) Fric & Fractious Ford Have their heads permanently stuck up their arses, by choice.


    3) AND OCD, CROOKED CROOK STEVE Judas HARPER has the Whole Federal Scene CLOSED DOWN, from Sea To Shining Sea, Unable To Disseminate Even The Tiniest Stitch Of News, Without Approval From Mister Big Man Himself (Legend In His Own Mind … In His Dreams) AND / OR His Frat-Boy PMO Populated with Over-Paid YESS-BOY Wankers !!

    STOP TO THINK ABOUT IT, The only Real News Potential Outside Of Those Two Woodward & Berstein Dudes on the RoboCON Fraud File (and Lawrence Martin, from time to time, which we can get elsewhere anyhow) can only arrive in a plain brown envelope; AND ME BE HAPPY That The Soon 2 B Tsunami Pay Wall Will Amount To Nothing More Than A Hill Of Beans … HO HO HO … Bro !!

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      mauser98 says:

      pussy panty-waist pinko’s lost another one

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