12.12.2012 12:27 PM

Strummerfest Friday in K-W!

To wit:

The indie acts [Clifton’s] assembled for this ambitious fundraiser aren’t — with the exception of S— From Hell, which features Canadian punk pioneer Warren Kinsella — strictly punk, but they all share the do-your-own-thing spirit that defined The Clash.

“The best punks will always be teenagers,” notes the father of two teenagers, who attended punk concerts in Toronto during his youth and saw the Clash perform there in ’82.

“Maybe adolescence is by nature punkish. You’re defying authority, because authority is by nature bound with tradition. There’s an emerging consciousness. You’re defining all that’s gone wrong and what should being going right. The basic moral principle is you should care about people.”

Strummerfest 20112

Friday (Dec. 14). 7 p.m.

23 acts, seven venues in downtown Kitchener, including Kitchener’s Civic Square, Queen Street Commons, Imbibe, L-Lounge, Café Pyrus and Silver Spoon.

Pay what you can. All profits go to Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council and Your Life Counts!

After party: 10:30 p.m. featuring Time Giant at Bobby O’Brien’s.

The festival will also present Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten, an ’07 musical doc, at Waterloo’s Princess Cinema (6:45 p.m. Thursday) and are staging an online art and collectibles charity auction.

For more information, and list of venues and performers, see strummerfest2012.com


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    Pipes says:

    And now for something completely different–watching the concert for Hurricane Sandy and Holy Mother of God-the WHO can still rock.

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    Tim says:

    That’s a different sort of Mormon than I’m used to hearing about.

    Teenagers are the best punks. So cool and so spot on. The young are always right. (as in correct)

    “pioneering don’t pay” a wise 1%er once said. But he never got the chance to hear Joe Strummer.

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