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Another NDP candidate I’d go work for

…who I have known for 30+ years, in another context. Hope he wins. Dix would be lucky to have a guy with a heart as big as Joey’s.

9 Responses to “Another NDP candidate I’d go work for”

  1. John Morse says:

    B.C. NDP landslide coming up in 2013. Another fiasco on the bridgedoggle this morning!

    • The Doctor says:

      I agree that the NDP is going to win. But it ain’t the bridge that’s gonna kill the BC Libs. It’s the HST and the BC Conservative Party. You can stick a fork in Christy Clark any time now. She’s done like dinner.

    • frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

      OMG….a “state of the art” bridge….but they didnt install deck warmers at the time it was being built?……Where were the engineers from, Ft. Lauderdale?….
      Sadly, this does not bode well for Christy and co…..

  2. Massimo Savino says:

    I met him about 20 years ago. Super nice guy; used to follow DOA quite a bit as a teenager.

    And Let’s Fuck is still a classic.

  3. Burlivespipe says:

    Good guy but the wrong guy for that riding (where I work)… The BC Lib MLA is beatable, but they need to attract some votes from the large, recent immigrant populace, mostly middle aged or older and skewing Asian. Joey’s a Burnaby/East Van kind of candidate and one has to wonder why the NDP pushed him towards this riding, which the NDP has never won… Former Olympic wrestler Chris Wilson, on the other hand, could win if everything falls right.

  4. Gregori Klosman says:

    * Shithead fought to legitimize the Squamish Five – “urban guerillas” that advocated the “propaganda of the deed” to foment violent revolution and overthrow the Canadian State. They supported their illegal activities through fraud and theft and caused millions of dollars of property damage and at least ten injured via explosions – some sloppily done that could have killed innocents.

    * Mentalite of Marxist/NDP godfather Broadbent:
    “Maoist doctrine, with its insistence on keeping in touch with the masses, its attack on bureaucratic ossification, its mass line, and its Cultural Revolution seemed to satisfy the deepest anti-statist and democratic impulses… to put themselves in the place of intrinsic class impulses and interests as the guiding light of popular struggles. After all, if there is any kind of revolution that intellectuals can lead, surely it must be a ‘cultural’ one.”

    * Therefore does your blog constitute ideological subversion, active measures, or psychological warfare? (to change the perception of reality of every Canadian that despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves)? Are we to conclude that either consciously or unwittingly you are engaged building a Leftist/Marxist coalition to weaken public institutions and/or support the violent overthrow of the Canadian Government? Do you really believe in a dictatorship of the proletariat and the crushing of human rights? Are you truly committed to the NDPs dekulakization program?

    • Warren says:

      He did no such thing. You’re full of shit. Read my book Fury’s Hour (if you can read). Joey clearly condemns their acts of violence.

      • Siam Barkermas says:

        Exhibit A:
        Original benefit single for “Direct Action”:
        Right To Be Wild
        **All Proceeds From This Record Go to “Free the Five” **
        Burn It Down/ Fuck U”

        So, political due diligence is not allowed? The people just meekly submit to the commissars of the East? Were you among the thousands of BC Hydro workers who went to work each day fearful they might get blown up? It is axiomatic that the public face is different than the private face – public disavowals have very limited value!

        The punk movement was a grotesque mixture of lifestyle marketing and Bolshi active measures. Like the Sex Pistols, whose members were largely exploited by Mclaren types, most punks never really got they were being exploited as part of public relations operations to sell more beer, records, etc. and convert people to KGB backed anti-American campaigns: e.g.:

        “I want a war, between the rich and the poor.
        I wanna fight and know what I’m fighting for.
        in a class war, class war, class war, class war, class war, class war, class war”

        But the main question is: if the NDP is so great (you never commented on the rather serious ideological contamination at the highest levels within the party), why bother with the Liberal Party? Ultimately, none can serve two masters: either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Are you a liberal or are you a “democratic socialist”? Does it matter? If it doesn’t, why not? If it does, why? We are uneasy with those that have preached (even once! – like a psychotic break, it could happen again) a message of violent multicultural revolution to cleanse the land of “rightist” and “bourgeois” elements. Too drunk to fuck is one thing. To drunk to effectively resist hostile Marxist operatives is quite another. This is serious stuff. Mao liquidated about 70 million. Stalin about 60 million. Planned famines, work camps, etc. Wake up my friend!

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