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For those sick of Ford follies, re-commencing in one hour

The solution.

12 Responses to “For those sick of Ford follies, re-commencing in one hour”

  1. Matt says:

    I’d have to plug my nose a bit to vote Olivia… that said even Jose Canseco looks looks good right about now. I just wish we didn’t have to make the way to the right and way to the left shifts. Both have the place granted but a sensible and sane centrist would be a nice thing for a change.

  2. If we stopped narrowly [and somewhat ignorantly] viewing and labeling every candidate as either left or right [media haven't but most voters have long jettisoned these labels] and just saw candidates as either being right or wrong as new leaders, saviours and visionaries for our city, then we would likely elect a much higher pedigree of municipal Moses to lead us out of this muck we are in….

  3. Beth Higginson says:

    I agree she would make a great mayor

  4. reformatory says:

    I would not vote for Chow. If a vote between Chow and Ford was all we had- it would not surprize me to see Ford win. I would not vote for Ford either. Can’t we have a sensible moderate mayor with a vision for once?

    Tory would be great.

    • aggo says:

      I agreed with you until you said Tory. Don’t people remember the very winnable elections he pitifully lost in the past (Toronto Mayor, Ontario Premier, his own MP seat)?

  5. scot says:

    Only criteria for me is, can beat Ford. Olivia Chow would be a lock in my opinion.

  6. David says:

    I don’t think she will run.If she does she will lose.

    • bluegreenblogger says:

      I think it is increasingly clear that she will run. I would give her a 35% chance of winning, unless another right of centre candidate runs, in which case I give her an 80% chance of winning. I am not a huge fan, but I would vote for her, simply because I believe that she is fairly pragmatic, she will respect differences amongst council, and she IS NOT FORD.

  7. CQ says:

    Are you posting a portrait photo of a woman who has only just publicly announced her recent facial paralysis this past Friday?

  8. Ed Frink says:

    Ha ha ha ha. All the teabaggers are crying because the guy they voted for is an idiot who got rightly removed from office.

    A lesson to teabaggers: if you vote for an idiot, you don’t deserve representation :)

  9. Thomas Gallezot says:

    I agree she’d be the best mayor of toronto ever. However she won’t run. Because she has to be available for her next job. Cabinet member in the upcoming Tom Mulcair governement. That’s OK. She can do more for Toronto from Ottawa.

  10. bluegreenblogger says:

    I do not much care for Olivia Chows politics, but I do not doubt her sincerity. She is also probably practical enough to work with whomsoever she needs to get the job done. I cannot think of any single instance of anything that would support your hypothesis. I dub thee ‘simple simon’ for mouthing simplistic nothings

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